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In September 2006 Johnathan Lewis discovered Youtube, and started posting comedy videos, and drum tutorials.

In October 2006 he noticed the lack of DJ tutorials, and decided to fill the gap. Encouraged by the response, he singlehandedly produced several DJ videos a day.

In 2007, the DJ Tutor website was launched, and DJ Tutor became a limited company. DJs were asked to post their own ten minute mix videos, which they did in thousands, and this led to the first ever online video DJ mix competition.

DJ Tutor ran the DJ Mag Micromix competition, plus several other competitions.

The Youtube channel "ellaskins" was included in the book Youtube For Dummies.

Johnathan has contributed articles to DJ Mag, Mixmag and Pro Mobile.

Other DJs began to contribute, notably Brian Redd, John Beck and DJ Angelo.

Lewis was invited to the BPM show, Musikmesse, and Mobile Beat Las Vegas, and became a Tutor at Ministry of Sound DJ Academy. He has taught DJing for BBC Blast and DJ Tutor is on the BBC's list of music learning resources. He has collaborated with Point Blank Music College in the production and publicising of online tutorial videos.

In 2011 Johnathan became a regular tutor in the Swiss Ministry of Sound DJ Academy.

In January 2014 the new DJ Tutor website was released with many new features and ways for contributing

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