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CHAUVET Professional Rig Reflects Spirit of Louis The Child Tour

Magical is a word that is often ascribed to Louis The Child’s spacey, ethereal sound. It also accurately describes this EDM duo’s phenomenal career path. Formed by two high school friends, Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett, the group was playing Chicago-area clubs in 2015, when they released what would become their breakout hit, "It's Strange." The song got a high-profile public shout-out from Taylor Swift, who put it on her own playlist, and quickly went on to earn 10 million SoundCloud plays.


Other hits soon followed as did appearances at Coachella and Lollapalooza. For all their success, however, Louis The Child isn’t interested in cranking out formularized festival bangers.  Their focus instead is on creating unique music that captures real moments, or as they once put it in an interview, “songs that are going to become the soundtrack to your life.” This spirit is very evident on the duo’s current tour, not only in its music but also in its immersive and highly original lightshow designed by Kendall Clark and programmed by Andrew Roman, using all CHAUVET Professional fixtures supplied by Creative Production & Design (CPD) of Austin, Texas.

Like the music of Louis The Child, the lightshow on the group’s sold-out 21-city tour, is powerful, evocative and very approachable.  “The lighting really reflects the music and what these artists are all about,” said Justin Jenkins of CPD. “Kendall’s design manages to be complex without being complicated. It isn’t just massive for the sake of being big; every fixture in the rig has a purpose and it contributes to telling the story we want to tell.”

A big part of this story telling comes from the 18 Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures in the rig. “We have a lot of these fixtures in our inventory, and we use them often because there are so many looks you can create with them,” said Jenkins. “They are a truly unique fixture that really helps you add depth and texture to a design without taking up a lot of space.”

On the Louis The Child Tour, 12 of the Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures are used to outline a three-pointed crown (the group’s logo) that was made of pipe and truss and occupies a dominant center stage position. The remaining six units are mounted three apiece on two truss totems that are positioned stage left and right. Those Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures that outline the logo are mounted on a 90° axis with the menus facing down, while the off-stage vertical Rogues are mounted with the menus facing on stage.

“The FX-Bs are incredibly expressive fixtures; they really are the star of the show. They are capable of so much more than just infinite rotation,” said Clark, the principal lighting designer. “Once you line up 90 individual beams in a cohesive element on stage, you can create strong dense linear looks for sharp hits, or utilize a tilt effect with timing delays to get really nice fluid geometric patterns.”

Clark often plays the Rogue fixtures like an instrument, using them for some intricate chase scenes during Louis The Child’s performance. “I was a drummer before I got into lighting so when I'm behind the console, I want to be playing an instrument, not just hitting Go,” he said. “The FX-Bs lend themselves to being played. When you have such a large element in your stage design, the simplest tricks can be really effective. I have the following tricks on independent executers that really allow me to play the lights:  Medium looping outline chase; -Slow sparkle chase N Shot streaks (symmetric in/out); N Shot Streaks (L > R // R < L); and 2 group strobe (On stage 6 units / Off stage 12 units).”

For intensity, the FX-Bs are split into a dynamic A/B group system. Clark’s two intensity faders have two cues each. The first cue is A1/B1 with the fixtures grouped by whole units (5 cells, 5 cells). In Cue 2, this is switched to alternating cells. Clark’s color control follows the same scheme. “This makes it easy to call up monochromatic looks, bigger aggressive two color looks with A1/B1 (whole unit symmetric odd/even) or more subtle two color looks with A2/B2, where the cells are split into a symmetric odd/even,” he explained.

The Louis The Child rig also includes 32 ÉPIX Strip Tour 1-meter LED strips, which are used to fill in the volume under the Rogue FX-B crown structure; four Legend 230SR Beams, mounted on the deck as well as the DJ booth and used for aerial effects; ten Nexus Aw 7x7 panels; two Amhaze II foggers; and 14 PVP X3 LED video panels used to display text and breakout patterns on the face of the DJ booth.

Clark pixel maps the ÉPIX Strip Tour and Nexus Aw 7x7 panels, often coordinating their images with those displayed on the DJ booth video wall to create an immersive effect. He is running the show with a High End Systems Hog 4 and Resolume Arena media server. Stage design and pre-vis work was done in Capture Atlas. Video Content Animation was done by The VJ Collective’s Brent Bucci and Nat Leonoudakis (VJ Voodoo).

In addition to displaying pixel mapped images, the Nexus Aw 7x7 fixtures are used to fill the empty space between the peaks of the group’s logo crown. “This space was too large for any single fixture in our inventory,” said Clark. “We thought about doing an array of RGB strobes, but that didn't seem to be an effective use of eight strobes. Finally we decided on using the Nexus panels to build a 2x2 panel and rigged it on a diamond orientation. This perfectly filled the negative volume in the rig, as well as adding a unique element to the show.”

Such “unique elements” are evident throughout this lightshow, just as they are in Louis The Child’s music. Perhaps this is why both seem to connect to every member of the audience on a very personal level.

Renowned music industry accessory maker UDG Gear Announces New Hardcases

The creative stalwarts behind UDG Gear recently announced the launch of their brand new Hardcases for: Universal Audio Apollo Twin, Novation Circuit, Ableton Push 2 & Akai MPC Touch.


They are durable cases specifically designed for any music industry specialist looking for a durable carry case for their equipments.

As with all the products within their lineup, the bags are entirely constructed from tough, lightweight EVA material, which makes it easy to carry around. This goes without mentioning the laminated nylon, added to the exterior to ensure the bag is kept safe from scratches and liquid drops. Moreover, the compartments made on the inside are put in place to ensure buttons, fades and other knobs remain steady when the bag is ferried around. This goes a long way into ensuring the user has a peace of mind as far as the safety of their equipments are concerned.

We're reminded that it's more then one and half decade since UDG first got into the business of producing bespoke protective gears for all kinds of MI equipments. And what's more interesting is that the company has been relentless in making their products better and better; or more fastidious as each year passes by.

UDG cases are distributed in various retail shops across Europe, the US, Australia, New Zealand , Asia and South America. UDG also allow people from other regions to buy the case online through their UDG web store.

As the name suggests, the UDG Creator Hard cases are specifically designed for each particular controllers: Universal Audio Apollo Twin, Novation Circuit, Ableton Push 2 and Akai MPC Touch. As it stands there may be limited options out there for Hardcases that can securely hold these controllers.

0.5m ILDA cable now available at Laserworld

Show laser manufacturer and distributor Laserworld introduces their new short ILDA cable. As the modern network control interfaces are designed to be placed on top of the laser projector or in the near surroundings, there is a need for short cables to reduce cable tangle.


Laserworld´s short ILDA cable with a length of 40-50cm suits perfectly for this purpose. With its black color it matches most laser light systems and other cables. Furthermore it features a low resistance for even high end professional laser show application.

More details can be found on the manufacturer´s website:

UDG Gear announces hardcase for NI Traktor Kontrol S8 Hardcase Black

DJ Accessories producer UDG Gear recently introduced their latest invention the UDG Creator NI Traktor Kontrol S8 Hardcase Black. An in-demand hard case specifically designed for digital DJ’s and musicians on the go. Constructed from highly durable, lightweight EVA material, the case arrives with a laminated nylon exterior offering solid protection against nicks and liquid drops.


Designed specifically for the NI Traktor Kontrol S8 Hardcase, the case may be all that digital DJ’s and musicians have long been on a hunt for. Options abound, but from an aesthetic and design point of view, the Traktor Control S8 hard case stands out by a mile. Currently retailing at €89.95/ US$89.99/ £64.99, the hardcase can be bought from MI/DJ retailers around the World, and through the UDG web store.

NI Traktor Kontrol S8 hardcase black is one of the most functional carry cases for anyone who owns the aforementioned controller. From the straps that make it easy to carry around, to the compartments that hold all the essentials intact to ensure they are well-protected, the hardcase is reportedly one of the best complimentary products for NI Traktor Kontrol S8 owners to ever come out.

With offices in THE NETHERLANDS, SINGAPORE AND INDONESIA, UDG Gear is a company which stands for their products superb quality, innovation, comfort, style and durability.

"Our mission is to create products of excellence, be THE market leader in our field and still represent true value for money. DJ’s and Producers all over the world rely on our products to protect their investments in equipment, vinyl, CD’s and other small yet valuable gears." Says Michael Schmeitz, the CEO of UDG Gear.

For direct information on the UDG Creator NI Traktor Kontrol S8 Hardcase Black

UDG unveils the DIGI Headphone Bag


DJ travel gear supplier, UDG, is thrilled to announce the addition of a premium DIGI Headphone Bag to its Ultimate collection. Made from water resistant Ballistic Nylon to protect a vital DJ accessory, the Ultimate DIGI Headphone Bag not only offers complete protection for a variety of on-ear headphones, but expertly transports a whole range of items for today’s digital DJ including USB drives, SD cards, hard drive, and much more. It retails at €39.95 / £31.99 / $39.95 and will be available to buy at the end of May 2015 from

The Ultimate DIGI Headphone Bag is first and foremost a foam-padded carrier to protect a pair of headphones against knocks, drops, scratches and liquids, thanks to its 1680D Ballistic Nylon exterior. A number of different sized, foldable cans will securely fit inside the bag in a mesh pocket that will prevent movement or damage to an expensive accessory whilst in transit.

But this is more than just a headphone bag. A further series of cleverly designed, internal and external pockets and fastenings will fit just about everything else the digital DJ needs. Entire music collections can be safely transported in pouches for USB drives, SD cards, and an external hard drive, but also for other essential items to travel from the studio to the gig, such as smartphones, cables, business cards, credit cards and more.

The Ultimate DIGI Headphone Bag is simple and easy to travel with too. Opt for either the sturdy handgrip or the detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. It can also be used as a sling bag to listen to audio gear on the move – feed the headphones wire through the cut-out provided and neatly plug into an MP3 player inside the bag.

UDG introduces Urbanite Midi Controller backpack in medium & large

Provider in DJ and producer travel gear, UDG, has announced an addition to the Urbanite 'entry level' series of bags and sleeves - the MIDI Controller Backpack. Available in sizes medium and large, to fit a Numark NV, Pioneer DDJ-SB, Native Instruments Maschine Studio, Traktor S2/S4 Mk2, or, a Pioneer DDJ-SX2/SR, XDJ-R1, Native Instruments Traktor S8, Numark N4/NS 6 respectively, the Urbanite backpack honours UDG's standards in quality, durability and long lasting construction. With four compartments to store a controller, laptop, hard drives and other vital accessories, a 'four-method' carrying system, and retailing at an affordable price point, the Urbanite Backpack is primed as a first choice bag for travelling DJs everywhere.

Since launch in 2000, UDG has been the music professional's brand for all things highly functional and protective, for all valuable and coveted equipment. The UDG product line grew in 2014 to include the Urbanite Series - a series of bags and sleeves. Urbanite users are guaranteed an affordable price point with no compromise on quality, and the new Urbanite MIDI Controller Backpack will not disappoint.

The new Urbanite MIDI Controller Backpack allows the user to take a wide variety of essential gear for the digital set up, from one gig to the next. Although the medium and large models are built to safely transport many different sized controllers in the main compartment, thanks to UDG’s customisable and adjustable foam inserts they boast the same functionality.

A side entry compartment can store up to a 19” laptop and two further pockets at the front of the bag have enough room for all other necessities such as hard drives, headphones, cables and other key accessories. The pockets feature padding in all the right places for ultimate protection and easy grip zippers for quick and simple access, whatever the location.

Offering complete versatility when on the move, the backpack features a 4-method carrying system. Choose from a top or side hand grip, a padded shoulder strap (stored inside the bag when not in use), or the adjustable backpack chest and hip straps, to carry heavy DJ gear in complete comfort.

Expensive equipment will be protected in the event of a sudden downpour thanks to the bag's water repellent, laminated 600D polyester exterior, plus bottom guard fabric for added protection.

With the Urbanite MIDI Controller Backpack, UDG have delivered a highly functional and stylish option for transporting everything the modern DJ needs, wherever they are.
They are available from

UDG Launches Laptop Stand to Anticipating Audiences

Trusted DJ gear brand, UDG, introduce another essential addition for amateur and pro DJs, producers and musicians alike; the UDG Laptop Stand. Specially designed for serious artists who need to balance both a laptop and a controller, the sleek UDG Laptop Stand has a series of quality features including, solid secure construction, height and angle adjustable stands and trays, low-weight design making it easily portable, and what’s more, excellent affordability. It also comes with a protective neoprene sleeve and is now available from for £129.99 / €149.95 / $149.95.


UDG is known worldwide as an exceptional “bag producer” for their well-designed and sturdy carry-alls, the UDG Laptop Stand is a natural progression in their product line, and continues to uphold their reputation for high quality and great value.Michael Schmeitz, CEO & Founder of UDG said, “As we do with all the products we manufacture, we tested and retested the laptop stand. We wanted to be fully satisfied with the exceptional quality of our end product. We’re happy to say that as this product now rolls from the factory, we’ve exceeded our own expectations.”

Every performer who uses a computer will appreciate the high aircraft grade, anodized aluminum quality of UDG’s Laptop Stand as it balances low weight with solid and secure construction. The product is easily assembled in a matter of seconds, and is compact either when set up or stored, which is ideal for those looking for extra space in often cramped DJ booths or studios. Quite possibly the best feature however is its height adjustable and rotable design.The UDG Creator Laptop/Controller Stand Aluminium Black (U6010BL) is now available in the UDG Webshop and through Official UDG Dealers Worldwide.

UDG Gear Launch Digi Hardcase LARGE

UDG have announced the ultimate case solution to protect a working DJs irreplaceable music collection. The Creator DIGI Hardcase Large is a super light EVA Hardcase designed to protect USB sticks, SD Cards, hard drives, power supplies and more. Also included is a powered, ultra-slim, aluminium 7-port USB 2.0 Hub, 5V/2A power adaptor with 4 exchangeable adaptor plugs and an 80cm USB 2.0 cable. The UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase Large is a cleverly designed, highly portable case that delivers a professional image when used and ensures any DJ can travel in confidence, knowing all the vital elements of their digital set up are 100% protected and ready to tear up the dance floor.

A modern digital DJ relies on the likes of portable memory, adaptors and cables more than ever. If you drop your headphones, then it’s unlikely to cause a problem but if you drop your hard disk then it could spell the end of your set before it’s even started. The Creator DIGI Hardcase Large is constructed from durable, lightweight, compression moulded EVA material with a laminated Nylon exterior. This means that the DJ’s essential digital kit is protected against drops, spillages, knocks and scratches. Wherever the party takes you, you can rely on the Creator DIGI Hardcase!

The UDG Digi Hardcase Large fits 2 x external hard drives, USB sticks, SD Cards, cables, adaptor and flashlight. The included 7-Port USB Hub is USB 2.0 Compliant with Plug and Play ease of use and comes in a high quality, ultra-slim, brushed aluminium casing. It provides data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps and lets you individually control each device. The USB Hub is stored in a clever flap section that enables you to wire up all your devices inside the case, with only a single cable out to your laptop. This is a neat solution to excess cables and makes setting up for any DJ gig a quick and simple process.

The UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase Large is as tough as they come. Reinforced sides join with hard corners to cover a mesh bag, straps and quality inner lining. A strong rubber handle and high quality zips ensure that this is a product which will last, no matter what you put it through.

As with all UDG products, the practical needs of the DJ have been thought about and addressed in detail. Design and functionality come together to make a case which quickly becomes an absolute essential for any DJ who takes their art seriously.

The UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase Large retails at €79.95 / USD$79.95 / £64.00 and is available from


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