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Event reviews and previews

CHAUVET Professional and DJ Pump Up Intensity at London’s Cargo

LONDON, UK – (For Immediate Release) – Underneath the Victorian railway arches of the Overground line in London’s trendy Shoreditch district lies Cargo, one of the capital’s edgiest late-night bar and club venues. While the venue’s genuine Banksy graffiti art-filled courtyard is a magnet for art aficionados and tourists alike, the club itself has been busy building up a formidable reputation of its own thanks to an eclectic music programme. To install an appropriately multifaceted lighting rig, Cargo recently approached London-based installation specialists, Halo lighting, which specified a number of CHAUVET Professional and CHAUVET DJ fixtures.


“Cargo approached us wanting a lighting rig capable of supporting a wide variety of dub, house, techno and electro events,” commented Yann Guenancia, Director of Halo Lighting. “The combination of CHAUVET Professional Rogue R1 Wash and Legend 230SR beams, in addition to CHAUVET DJ COLORband Pix and Par Quad 12s provided excellent versatility at an excellent price point.”

Six Rogue R1 Wash and four Legend 230SR Beams were flown from overhead truss to provide the central core of the install. While the R1 Wash’s saturated colours, powerful light output and gobos were specified for their atmosphere inducing qualities; the Legend 230SR fixtures provided the ultimate counterpoint with punchy beams to cut through the dance floor.

“The combination of the Rogue R1 Wash fixtures and Legend Beams are essential for creating the look and feel of an exciting and progressive venue,” commented Guenancia. “Both fixtures provide the energy and drive necessary for a whole range of music styles.”

As the club is also regularly home to intimate showcases of big-name artists ahead of their record releases and hosts label parties, it was essential that the installation incorporate several more subtle options for eye candy and atmosphere. To achieve this, Halo positioned 14 CHAUVET DJ COLORband Pix fixtures to line both walls of the club, with 10 Par Quad 12 fixtures dotted around overhead ceiling truss to provide a blanket wash of colour as and where necessary.

“The linear pixel mappable effects of the COLORband Pix are a great tool to give an expanded feel to the dimensions of the club, and simultaneously ensure great all round wash to provide atmosphere,” continued Guenancia. “To fill in the gaps, the Slim Pars work particularly well in conjunction with the Rogue R1 Wash fixtures.”

With versatile and wide-ranging looks assured, there was just one more crucial factor to address: reliability throughout the venue’s relentless nightly schedule. Given CHAUVET’s proven history with previous Halo club installs, Guenancia didn’t have any second thoughts when considering fixtures for the rig.

“While the fixtures are bound to be given a tough time day in day out, our experience with CHAUVET demonstrates the fixtures are more than capable of the most grueling of conditions,” concluded Guenancia. “As a result, Cargo can now confidently provide versatile lighting for all manner of events without ever missing a beat.”

Time Flies With Chauvet In SJ Lighting Club Design

NEWPORT, CA -- (For Immediate Release) – New guests at Time can’t help turning their heads in every direction, an expression of amazed wonderment on their faces, when they entered this former Nike Town store turned nightclub. It doesn’t matter which way they turn either. Aside from taking in some stunning visuals, they are going to have a clear sightline to the dancefloor from any angle they look.


There are no straight lines in Time, the new Orange County club designed by the world renowned firm Davis Ink, Ltd.  That’s one reason why the dance floor is visible from anywhere in the venue. It’s an unforgettable sight to see too, thanks in large measure to a lighting design by Steve Lieberman’s SJ Lighting that features a stunning “digital chandelier” made of   CHAUVET DJ MotionOrb fixtures along with some power packed spot and wash lighting from CHAUVET Professional Rogues.

“The space inside this venue is almost amoeba-like,” said Lieberman. “It’s a single flowing and very immersive unit. Davis Ink completely ripped the former retail store apart down to the bone to create a structure that’s very unique.  We identified focal points throughout the space and used those locations to create our dimensioning and distribution of fixtures. Since the space is so different we spent a lot of time evaluating how each space would transition into the next.”

Among the most unique focal points Lieberman worked with is the towering 35’ ceiling over the dance floor. It rises more than 15’ over the rest of the room. “Having a high ceiling gave us the opportunity to do something very special,” he said. “We utilized all the planes of space that this height created. Since the walls are so tall, we took advantage of that and had LED strips and other fixtures follow the walls from the lower ceiling to the higher ceiling.”

Hanging from the middle of the ceiling is (quite literally) the centerpiece of Lieberman’s lighting design, a massive digital chandelier made of over 100 CHAUVET DJ MotionOrbs. “The chandelier has a classic look, with a digital backbone; so the effects that we can run through the MotionOrbs in it are infinite,” he said. “This is the center of our design and everything else we have done emanates from there.”

Lieberman recalled how he came to select the MotionOrbs for this project. “We really wanted to create a 3D chandelier for Time. Because of the size and scope of what we required, we needed a theatrical lighting commodity that could give us the effect we needed for a price that was going to make it practical from a financial standpoint.

“The MotionOrbs are a DJ based fixture, which I’m not sure were ever meant to be used in such a grand capacity,” continued Lieberman.  “We ordered a demo kit and tested the MotionOrbs in our shop. We were very impressed with how they performed. So, we then began the tedious process of creating a 3D layout that detailed how we wanted to arrange them. After close collaborative conversations with Davis Ink, we developed what you see hanging now. So yes, it worked out very well.”

In addition to the MotionOrbs, Lieberman used 16 Rogue R2 Spot and 16 Rogue R1 Wash fixtures in his design. The two types of Rogue fixtures are evenly distributed around the main dance floor, supplying visual energy with their rapid movements, intense colors and (in the case of the Rogue R2 Wash) crisp gobos.

“The Rogues are doing much of the heavy lifting for moving lighting effects in the club,” said Lieberman. “Not only are the R1’s and R2s impactful themselves, they’re also very complimentary to the rest of the system. The output is great, which is important given the height of the high ceiling. Plus, the zoom range of the R1 Wash gives the operator the ability to saturate the room in color.  The club owner Richard Kelly and interior designer Davis Krumins are very happy with what we’ve accomplished with the lights. It’s been a great collaboration.”

Dave Taylor Runs Empire of the Sun Coachella Show With ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium

INDIO, CA – (For Immediate Release) –Empire of the Sun catapulted to international stardom in 2008 with their multi-platinum hit “Walking on a Dream.”  It was a very fitting title, for the song and the band. Blending an ethereal sound with stage visuals that resemble something out of a fantasy game, the Australian duo make it easy for audiences to take a temporary leave from reality and enter an uplifting world of imagination.


This transcendental quality was on full display April 14, when Empire of the Sun appeared on the Coachella Festival’s Sahara Stage. Dressed in flowing, futuristic silky black outfits and backed by robot dancers, the duo performed on a stage adorned with glowing pyramids and a six-pronged silver statue cradling a primordial white orb. Illuminating the fantastical scene with brilliant white light and vivid colors was a lightshow that Dave Taylor programmed and controlled with the ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium.

Taylor used over 1,200 different light fixtures and 3,000 channels of LED tape in his 86-active-universe show. In addition to his ChamSys console, he relied on a SnakeSys R8 eight-universe Ethernet to DMX converter, a SnakeSys R4 multi-purpose network distribution node, and two SnakeSys B4 four-universe DMX to Ethernet converters to run his massive rig.

“There was no shortage of lighting on this one,” said Taylor. “Empire of the Sun is always pushing the boundaries, not just musically but visually. They’re constantly searching for images that move people in new ways. Our show continues to build and, as a designer, I’m constantly evolving with it. This is the first time I used the MagicQ MQ500 Stadium, since it’s new. This is really the next step in controllers for me, kind of a natural progression. It enabled me to create the ideal workspace for myself to program and control the show.”

The speed and flexibility of the ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium made it easier for Taylor to preprogram the intricately detailed show.  “Doing your homework is 90 percent of the gig when you have a show like this,” he said. “The ChamSys platform makes this task simpler with the excellent speed that it has when patching and manipulating fixtures. When you pair the console’s internal morphing and cloning capabilities with features like multi-patch, quick offset options and powerful pixel mappers, you find it quick and easy to build a solid foundation that can be adapted to different venues.”

This preprogramming notwithstanding, there were also quite a few last-minute adjustments that had to be made to the Empire of the Sun show for Coachella, because of the band’s ceaseless quest to incorporate new ideas. “We all constantly push the envelope, so there were a number of new elements added in the lead up to this show,” said Taylor. “In fact, we were still building LED systems into the set pieces in the days just before Coachella. As is often the case, time is in short supply when the show approaches, so bringing it all to life at the eleventh hour was a challenge.”

The user-friendly features of the ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium made it easier for Taylor to meet this challenge. “This is a very efficient console,” he said. “I’m extremely impressed with the advanced power of the onboard processing. We were able to output a large number of universes directly from the console without the need for any external processing nodes.”

Video played a key role in Taylor’s design. He ran video content out of his rig on stage. “This method of running video content is a great way to approach our setup for Empire of the Sun, because the time available to us out the front is often very limited and changeovers can be very tight,” he said.

Although the video content for the show was all time coded, Taylor ran his ChamSys console live during Coachella. “I have a great deal of fun punting,” he said. “Empire of the Sun is constantly making changes to visual elements leading up to the show, so there are still a number of live modifications throughout the performance that must be made to account for these new twists. This is great, though, because as a lighting designer you want to be part of the live performance.”

CHAUVET Professional Mavericks Add Punch To Fiestas De Palmares Stage

PALMARES, COSTA RICA – (For Immediate Release) – There are many good reasons to visit Costa Rica, which is why close to two million tourists descent on the Central American country each year. Among the nation’s most popular attractions is the annual Fiestas de Palmares, which honors Saint Cristo of Esquipulas. Music and merriment fill the air at the small seaside town of Palmares during the 10 day festival, which features a bountiful array of food and beverages, a captivating lantern parade and a football tournament.


A highlight of the festival, which draws 150,000 visitors, are the concerts at the Barra Imperial Stage by popular local and regional musicians as well as internationally acclaimed recording artists. The 2017 edition of the festival concert was no exception. Produced by Eventos Especiales de Cerveceria Costa Rica, the musical menu rocked the house with sizzling shows by platinum rap artist Sean Paul as well as appearances by Gente de Zona and Zion y Lennox. Supporting this vibrant series of performances was an equally powerful series of light shows by Ronald Goñi and Jairo Barrantes that featured 16 high output Maverick MK2 Spots from CHAUVET Professional.

Goñi and Barrantes flew their Maverick fixtures on ladder truss structures located immediately to the right and left of center stage as well as on horizontal and vertical overhead truss. Directing beams on and over the outdoor stage from a variety of levels and directions, the Maverick fixtures helped the LD create an immersive visual panorama that reflected the intensity of the music. The two designers also relied on aerial effects and a wide variety of crisp gobo patterns to vary looks on the stage throughout the festival.

“The Mavericks worked very well to help us create some intense looks and change up those looks to keep the audience engaged over all the different performances,” said Goñi “We have been searching for a powerful fixture with the characteristics of a 700-watt spot and we found it in the Maverick. When we came across the Maverick we decided to invest in them because their flexible size was ideal for all types of events, from a bar to a concert with a national act. We were blown away when we did side-by-side comparisons with our other spots in our inventory. Everything from the power, to the color and gobos really stood out to us.”

Goñi also praised the work of the design during the festival. “Our Technical Director and Producer Jairo Barrantes Leon, Lighting Operator Guido Vasques and Lighting Techs  Alejandro Cedeño, Andrey Eduarte and Jose Pablo Aguilera all put their hearts into making the stage look special,” he said. “This festival is a source of pride for Costa Rica. We are pleased that this design did it justice.”

Tritonal Painting With Dreams Tour Gets Dimensional With CHAUVET Professional

Their songs have topped the Beatport Trance Charts. They’ve appeared at Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival and virtually every other EDM festival. In 2015, they collaborated with Cash Cash on "Untouchable," a hit that made Billboard's Year-End Top 100 Dance/Electronic list. Still, anyone who describes Tritonal’s sound with words like “trance,” “house” and “electronic” is really getting only part of the picture.


Without a doubt, this Austin, Texas duo can lay down thundering dance tracks with the best of them, but then with the figurative snap of the fingers, they can just as easily slide into more melodic, feathery and peaceful piano-driven songs. Keeping pace with Tritonal’s winding musical journey at a stop on the group’s aptly named Painting With Dreams Tour is a multi-faceted lightshow created by Brett Angstadt of Round Peg Productions that features a collection of LED fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

Tritonal’s lighting designer Aaron Kovelman of The Hauss Collective brought Angstadt on board to handle lighting for the tour. When the tour stopped at the legendary Echo Stage, the largest dedicated concert venue in Washington DC, Angstadt used Nexus panels to fill out the look of the stage. “Our standard floor package had video fronts on the truss towers, but at Echo Stage they had these big house video towers,” he said. “So instead of leaving our truss towers blank, I added the Nexus panels to them, which allowed me to create some very cool pixel mapped looks. Pixel mapping was important to this show, because it added a level of variety and depth that the music deserved,” said Angstadt.  “I used the pixel mapping functions on my Avolites console for the Nexus panels and for dimmer effects on the STRKE 4s.”

He used six truss towers, each of which held two Nexus units, in a triangle formation on each side of the stage. He then rotated these panels at a 45° angle to accent the triangular effect. By moving the Nexus panels, Angstadt was able to add a nice flourish to the show at Echo Stage. This allowed him to emulate the Tritonal logo, which was instantly recognizable to the group’s fans, who call themselves "Tritonians."  Speaking of Tritonal’s fans, Angstadt noted, “They are extremely loyal and familiar with the music. Their energy drives the show, and the lighting needed to match that.”

According to Angstadt, the level of the warm white light from the multi-formatted STRIKE 4 fixtures was critical in helping him reflect changes in the mood of the music. “The tungsten look of the STRIKE 4s is very evocative, so when you dim the light it really affects people,” he said. “At the same time, you can turn around and use the STRIKE 4 as a blinder when the action picks up on stage.”

Music & Sales not to exhibit at Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound 2017 in Frankfurt

Music & Sales Professional Equipment GmbH will not be exhibiting its HK Audio and Hughes & Kettner brands at the 2017 editions of the Prolight+Sound and Musikmesse tradeshows in Frankfurt, Germany.


Music & Sales has chosen to expand the presence of both brands in the online sector in recent years. A diverse range of online channels – particularly social media and video sharing sites – now allow both business partners and end users to find all the relevant information and to emotionally connect to Music & Sales’ product ranges.

It remains crucial for customers to be able to get physically hands-on with products like PA systems and electric guitar amplifiers when considering purchases. However, in recent years, tighter volume regulations and restrictions at tradeshows have made this harder and harder to successfully achieve at useful levels.

Instead, Music & Sales has chosen in 2017 to work in cooperation with its business and distribution partners – some of whom it has enjoyed decades-long relationships with – to focus on a number of exclusive events for end users and customers. One successful example of this already achieved in 2016 is the world record-breaking “We’re Filling The Stadium: Powered By HK Audio” weekend in Frankfurt, which saw more than 7,500 musicians joining together to form the world’s largest ever orchestra.

All the news and information on the ranges of HK Audio and Hughes & Kettner products can be found at the brands’ official websites and on their various social media pages.


BPM | PRO – the world’s biggest DJ and Studio event – has announced the line-up for its 2016 Dance Classics Party, which will see dance music legends such as Robin S and Slipmatt perform classic dance hits inside the CHAUVET BPM ARENA.

A hugely popular event with visitors, the Dance Classic Party, now in its seventh successful year, is renowned for bringing in legendary acts from the world of old-school dance. This year will see singer Robin S headlining the event, performing a live PA that will include a variety of new and old hits. At the age of fifteen, Robin went to join both jazz and cover bands in the New York metropolitan area, performing at dinner clubs, lounges and other venues. These years gave her the experience and contacts that led to her first gold single, the worldwide chart-topping smash and dance music classic – remixed with great success by Stonebridge – ‘Show Me Love’.

Joining Robin S, is the Godfather of Rave - Slipmatt who will perform a must see old school DJ set including classics from hard core trance to house and acid house with Hip Hop. The Dance Classic Party will also include a DJ set from Dancing Divaz one of the most prolific (and eternally popular) house music producers during the 1990's. They're back with a new sound for the Noughties.

The legendary Stu Allan will round the party up with a set to end the first day of BPM | PRO in style. His hip hop, hardcore techno and house music mixes ranked him the world’s No. 3 DJ by DJ Magazine in 1993 and his performances influenced significantly the music scene during this period. Allan today remains a major contributor within the UK hardcore scene.

BPM 2016 will run from 11-13 September at the Genting Arena, Birmingham. The Dance Classics Party will take place inside the CHAUVET ARENA, from 17:00-19:00 on Sunday, and is open to all visitors.

Tickets for BPM 2016 are on sale now and also include entry to the Dance Classics Party. Tickets can be purchased from the BPM | PRO website.

BPM | PRO 2016 to Host DMC Championship UK Finals

BPM | PRO – the world’s biggest DJ and Studio event – has announced that the renowned DMC World Championships will host its UK finals at this year’s show, which returns to the NEC in the Genting Arena in Birmingham from 11-13 September 2016. On Sunday 11th September the UK’s finest DJs will battle it out for the title of DMC UK DJ Champion and DMC UK Battle Supremacy Champion 2016. And a place in the 2016 DMC World DJ Finals!

BPM | PRO 2016 will host the UK finals of the renowned DMC World Championships, the hottest DJs around will battle it out for the UK titles and a place in the World Finals which takes place at the Forum in London on Saturday 24th September. Previous DMC winners include A-Trak, Craze and Mix Master Mike, who’ve worked with such names as Kanye West and the Beastie Boys.

Allowing visitors to see future talent perform in an intense Arena environment, BPM | PRO 2016 will host the UK leg of the DMC World Championship. Competing DJs will be looking to become UK Champion and go on to win the ultimate prize in the World Finals. DMC will also be holding its UK Battle for Supremacy at BPM | PRO, where DJs will compete in a series of exhilarating head-to-head clashes!

Demonstrating incredible skill and dexterity, the turntablists working their magic in the DMC UK Finals are all masters of their craft, providing entertainment and a great visual spectacle for visitors of all types , whether they’re into scratch DJing or not.

The DMC World Championship UK Finals will be held in the CHAUVET Arena on Sunday 11 September, and aspiring turntablists wishing to compete can enter here:

Tickets for BPM | PRO 2016 are on sale now, available from the BPM | PRO website. DJ & Studio areas will open on Sunday 11 and Monday 12 September whilst Sound and Lighting will remain open for Tuesday 13 September.

CHAUVET DJ Booth flies high at LDI

New York lighting designer, Jason Ayala (aka Jason Blends) has illuminated shows for stars like Pharrell Williams and Duran Duran. His designs have also turned heads at some of the hottest clubs in the Big Apple. But, his eyes light up like a 10-year-old’s when he talks about the Gravitron, a spaceship amusement park ride he enjoyed as a child. Ayala tapped into this youthful energy when he was asked to design the LDI show booth for CHAUVE DJ.

“When Berenice Chauvet (vice president of Chauvet) talked to me about designing the CHAUVET DJ booth at LDI, my mind immediately went back to the Gravitron and images of space travel,” he said. “Fixtures like the Intimidators and MotionOrbs have the kind of sparkling intensity that you imagine when you think of space travel. I could see arranging these lights in a circular configuration and flying them over the booth to create the impression of a spaceship taking flight.”

Ayala turned this galactic vision into an eye-popping reality at the CHAUVET DJ booth with a pixel-mapped lighting design centered around a spaceship-like circular structure constructed with Trusst aluminum trussing from CHAUVET DJ’s sister company TRUSST. The structure, which flew over the middle of the booth, consisted of a 3-meter circle with four 3-meter legs extending out from its core.

“We flew two Intimidator 455Z IRC fixtures on the outer edge of each or the four legs, because this created an intense outline for the structure,” said Ayala. “On the inside we positioned the Intimidator Wash Zoom 350 IRC to create a spaceship glow. We hung MotionOrbs from the center to give the whole thing a 3D perspective; and in the center of it all, we positioned a Geyser RGB fogger to present the image of a spaceship taking off.”

Doing his own pixel mapping, Ayala animated the massive structure with chase scenes, odd-even patterns and abstract images. Although the multi-colored and multi-dimensional structure gave rise to flights of fancy, there was also a hardcore practical thought process at work behind this impressive design.

“Without a doubt we created something fun, but we also wanted our design to deliver an important message,” said Ayala. “Our big mission was to make sure that people who stopped by the booth got a better understanding of what you can accomplish with CHAUVET DJ fixtures. There are a lot of great performance features engineered into products like the Intimidator Series, COLORbands and other CHAUVET DJ products, and we wanted to showcase these capabilities in our design.”

The capabilities of the CHAUVET DJ fixtures were also showcased along the side and back walls of the booth. Ayala divided these areas into sections marked off by 2.5 meter Trusst sticks. A large section of wall was lined with two rows of six COLORband PiX LED strips, which were arranged diagonally. The LD pixel mapped the COLORband units to work in coordination with other fixtures along the wall of the booth.

“It was important to create a sense of movement involving the different fixtures throughout the booth,” said Ayala. “This not only creates a sense of excitement throughout the booth, it also adds dimensionality, getting you away from the 2D look, which is a danger when you just line up fixtures against the wall.”

Ayala designed six scenes for the booth that he rotated throughout the show. He also created two lightshows. “We wanted to create something different and fun to engage people,” he said. Judging from all of the visitors who cranked their heads up to admire his “spaceship,” he succeeded in doing this with flying colors.

CHAUVET Professional drives relentless Admiral T performance in Paris

Admiral T is not only creative, charismatic and colourful, he’s also absolutely relentless in his output. In addition to releasing five albums and countless singles since his rise to fame in the mid-2000s, the Guadeloupe-born reggae dancehall artist has flourished as a producer, actor and fashion designer - even creating his own clothing label.

Equally relentless are his live shows, for which he has garnered a huge reputation in France. For his latest Paris show, Admiral T’s lighting designer Gregory Lichtle deployed CHAUVET Professional’s Nexus Aq 5x5 RGBW LED panels and Legend 230SR Beam moving fixtures to support the 34-year-old’s energetic and feverish live performance.

Lichtle included 19 of the Nexus panels in his dynamic design. The barrage of Nexus fixtures worked together to form a powerful rear wall, from which sharp beams of pixel mapped light could be punched out into the audience to create a blistering effect behind the performer and his band.

Serving as a complement to the stationary wall of light were the sharp multi-coloured beams that flew across the stage from 18 Legend 230SR Beam movers. Lichtle positioned most of the Legend fixtures across the stage on three rows of upstage truss. Others were arranged next to upstage risers. In addition to pouring copious amounts of colour on the stage itself, the Legends were used for aerial and audience lighting.

Speaking of his rig, Lichtle said: “I found the Nexus fixtures perfectly suited for this job because of their versatility. Their throw is incredible. The light itself is enough to create an incredible impact on stage, especially with the beautiful CMY colour mixing. Given that the fixtures are fully pixel mappable, I was able to really put my own creative stamp onto the whole real wall of the stage.”

The compact CHAUVET Legend 230SR Beam also came in for praise from the LD.
“I chose the Legends for their sharp beams and speed,” said Lichtle. “Not only were the Legends able to keep up with the dynamic performance of Admiral T, the beams became intrinsic to the look of the show. Most importantly, they created the high-energy looks to complement and match the lively music and vivacious performance.”

While fans may not have to wait too long for Admiral T’s next creative outing – whether music, film or fashion – after his sold-out performance in Paris, they were left with a very resounding impression of an artist at the top of his live game. Thanks to Lichtle’s bold lighting design, the energetic performance of one of the leading French-speaking reggae and dancehall artists was given the visual foundation it deserves.

BPM DJ School to nurture new talent at Toytopia

Displaying its commitment to inspiring and nurturing the next generation of DJ, BPM will team up with top industry brand to host a BPM DJ School at the 2015 Toytopia toy show, which takes place at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool later this month.

Running from 24-26 October, Toytopia is an interactive toy show for children and adults, featuring well-known brands and a number of features for young people to get involved in. Bringing a unique feature of its own to Toytopia, BPM will work alongside renowned DJ industry names to build the first ever BPM DJ School, with ADJ, Focusrite, Pioneer DJ and retailer DJ Kit each contributing their latest products and unrivalled industry knowledge.

Aiming to educate and inspire future DJs through interactive learning, the DJ School will be decked out with cutting-edge tech (courtesy of Pioneer DJ, Focusrite and DJKit), giving young visitors the chance to get hands-on with the equipment as brand representatives teach them some basic DJ skills! Lighting brand ADJ will also play a key part in creating the BPM DJ School, using its latest innovative lighting effects to generate an atmospheric space in which visitors can get imaginative on the decks.

The idea of educational outreach is also a key element of BPM’s annual event at the NEC, which combines engaging content and interactive learning, hosting educational talks and hands-on workshops, as well as a performance space that gives aspiring DJs the chance to play to big crowds.

“The BPM DJ School at Toytopia is a unique extension of our commitment to inspiring the next generation of young DJs,” explained Sara Walker, PR & Marketing Manager for BPM. “Whether they’re already DJing and striving to fulfil their ambitions, or they’re interested but not sure how to get started, we want to show youngsters just how fun and rewarding DJing can be – and we’ve got some of the industry’s biggest brands on board to help us do it.”

As well as letting Toytopia visitors get hands-on with the latest DJing equipment, the DJ School will be running a free prize draw, giving all visitors a chance to win a cutting-edge DDJ-WeGO3 controller! Perfect for beginners, this Pioneer DJ controller offers an intuitive layout and pulse-control lights to guide users seamlessly through their first performance.

Following its successful 2015 outing and what looks to be an inspirational appearance at Toytopia, BPM will return in 2016 at the NEC Birmingham, celebrating ten years as it continues to nurture the next generation of DJs and producers.

Hi-res press photos and other press releases relating to BPM can be found here:

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