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CHAUVET DJ to Distribute SoundSwitch

Sunrise, Florida, USA – Chauvet & Sons LLC has entered into an agreement with New Zealand-based Onesixone Ltd to have CHAUVET DJ distribute the SoundSwitch hardware/software package in North America as well as throughout much of the world. A revolutionary control solution, SoundSwitch allows DJs to trigger and keep their lighting in sync while playing any song, in any order.


“This is a game changer for DJs who wish to create their own complete live lightshow,” said Chauvet CEO Albert Chauvet. “SoundSwitch puts the total show experience under the control of the DJ by seamlessly integrating DMX lighting with live audio.”

DJs can use SoundSwitch to attach lighting cues to their audio tracks and video files then automatically play them back in sync while performing live from the mixing or controller board.  SoundSwitch works with any DJ mixing board or controller equipped with Serato DJ, the leading DJ control software.

Teaming up with a lighting industry leader like Chauvet will further accelerate the global adoption of this breakthrough technology according to SoundSwitch Chief Executive Officer Zak Meyers. “SoundSwitch is a first-of-its-kind lighting solution for DJs and CHAUVET DJ is clearly a leader in DJ lighting,” he said. “So there is a great deal of synergy created by the two of us joining forces.”

Under the terms of the agreement, SoundSwitch will be sold through most of the CHAUVET DJ dealer network worldwide , including on an exclusive basis in the United States and its territories, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, Venezuela, Colombia, Guyana (French/English), Suriname, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.

Nottingham’s Rock City Gets Visual Overhaul with CHAUVET Professional

Since opening its doors in 1980, Nottingham’s 2,500-capacity Rock City has showcased some of biggest names in alternative music. Last year, the iconic club won its 10th consecutive Kerrang! Award as Venue of the Year. However, even legends need to upgrade their visual presentation to keep up with the changing tastes and expectations of club goers. Recognising this, the club decided to upgrade its lighting system. To accomplish this, its lighting technician Mark Merry specified an array of CHAUVET Professional fixtures, including 24 PVP S5 LED panels, 12 Rogue RH1 Hybrid moving heads, and 8 COLORdash Batten-Quad 6 LED strips.


“The decision to install the selection of Chauvet fixtures was an extremely pragmatic one,” explained Merry. “As we required a completely new visual package for both live performances for touring bands and regular weekly club nights, we needed a versatile selection of high performing fixtures which could adapt to a whole manner of different musical environments. The fixtures we selected fit the bill for both functions.”

Forming a central focal point for live performances and club nights, the array of PVP S5 panels fixed to standing upright truss provide visiting bands and LDs with the opportunity to stream graphics or video feed behind the bands. “The PVP panels have incredibly sharp resolution,” commented Merry. “Even for the dedicated fans at the front of the stage, visuals are pin sharp, thanks to the low pixel pitch.”

Whereas previously, many bands had to bring their own LED panels into Rock City, to the delight of returning designers, LED screens now form part of the house rig. “The panels are unbelievably practical,” continued Merry. “Thanks to their light weight and ease of assembly, we can easily dissemble them as and when required. They certainly give an extra visual dimension to the club nights too.”

Positioned on three rows of ceiling truss over the main section of the audience, the Rogue RH1 Hybrids form a key part of venue’s lighting rig, providing both wash, beam and spot effects, thanks to an intense 330W Osram light source.

“When we tested the RH1 fixtures at Chauvet’s Nottingham showroom, we were immediately impressed by the versatility of the fixture,” commented Merry. “Not only is the spot extremely bright, this fixture has incredible saturated colours in wash mode and extremely targeted concentrated light in beam mode.”

To provide both club nights and bands with sufficient looks, Merry utilises the Rogue’s extensive array of gobo effects, prism and zoom features.

“The various effects of the RH1 allow for practically unlimited combinations of looks for both bands and the club nights,” he continued. “Given that we were on a tight budget, the Hybrid fixtures essentially provide us with the perfect price-performance ratio, ensuring we don’t have to buy separate wash, beam and spot lights.”  

To fill the fringes of the venue with colour and atmosphere, Merry opted to install the COLORdash Batten-Quad 6 LED strips on various points on the venue’s surrounding walls. “The COLORdash Battens provide fantastic atmospheric lighting, especially during the club nights,” continued Merry. “One of the best features of the fixture is its ability to provide saturated colours for a cyclorama-like effect which gives an extra sense of depth and feel to the venue.”

While Rock City has long since achieved the kind of cult status most venues would kill for, now Merry and his team are able to offer the kind of light show one might expect from a venue of this calibre. “Thanks to the new lighting system the shows that we can now offer bands and concertgoers are off the charts,” said Merry. “Now one of the best venues in the country has one of the best house lighting rigs too.”


A flexible, forward-thinking and affordable GOBO projector that easily doubles as an effective spotlight unit, ADJ’s new Ikon Profile combines a powerful 32W LED, an interchangeable glass GOBO and manually adjustable beam angle/focus features in one exceptionally portable package!


Do you want to incorporate high-power GOBO effects into your lighting setup without spending big bucks? The new Ikon Profile from ADJ is an unbelievably compact GOBO projector that boasts a powerful LED source, easy-to-adjust framing shutters, and a textured glass GOBO, letting you create super-bright, adaptable GOBO projections from one portable unit.

The new projector – which was well received at LDI 2015 in October, as well as at the NAMM 2016 tradeshow earlier this month – is fitted with a 32W white LED and a textured glass GOBO, a combination that lets you create a powerful beam of optimized white light that makes your GOBO projections not only extra-bright, but crisp and rich too.

Thanks to ADJ’s commitment to providing lighting solutions that are not only forward-thinking and cost-effective but highly versatile too, you’ll find a number of features that make the Ikon Profile suited to a range of events and situations. For starters, the beam angle can be manually adjusted (15-40-degrees) and the GOBO swapped, effectively allowing you to turn the Ikon Profile into a spotlight, with the five dimmer curves letting the beam be optimized for everything from architectural applications to stage performances. As well as changing the beam angle to suit your needs, the unit can also be manually focussed to ensure a vivid projection at all times.

The other key feature which allows the versatile Ikon Profile to reign supreme is its framing shutters: being manually adjustable, they allow you to craft the light produced by the unit into any four-sided shape you require. So, whether you want a square beam, or decide to go for a wider rectangular form, you can match the Ikon Profile’s projection to venue features or specific areas, for a more uniform, sleek look.

Completing the Ikon Profile’s innovative range of features, ADJ has fitted the unit with a drop-in GOBO slot (for 26.8mm GOBOs). This means that whether you choose to use metal GOBOs or glass, you can easily interchange them to achieve different but equally as effective results. The compact new unit also makes the most of a color frame, giving you the flexibility to add color filters and color correction filters to generate powerful beam projections in a range of vivid hues.

When it comes to controlling the Ikon Profile, you have access to four DMX channels – allowing you to get extra imaginative with your GOBO lightshows through DMX control – as well as being able to operate the unit via the UC IR remote and Airstream IR App. The latter two control options enable wireless operation from a distance of up to 30ft, giving you the freedom to create pure lighting excitement from any position, whether you’re working the lights from behind the bar or you’re tucked away in the lighting booth at the back of the event. Using the game-changing Airstream IR App, you can even trigger these unique GOBO projections from the convenience of your handheld iOS device – for true versatility!

Weighing in at just 6 lbs. / 2.7 kg. and boasting compact dimensions (16 x 6 x 9in / 408x150x226mm), ADJ has ensured that the Ikon Profile can be easily incorporated into your setup, no matter how mobile your rig needs to be. Due to its awesome design – as a lighting effect that’s incredibly compact but extremely powerful – you can conveniently take the Ikon Profile on the road with you, or install it inside venues with limited space. As such, it’s the ideal GOBO projector for mobile entertainment! But, at the same time, the Ikon Profile’s power and flexibility also make it the perfect projector for houses of worship, nightclubs, bars, stage productions and event retail outlets. For these bigger events, where the fixture is highly effective used in multiples, the Ikon Profile’s power outlet allows the power for up to 16 units to be daisy-chained at 120V (27 @ 230V), for a widespread lightshow that really packs a punch!

Letting you bring powerful GOBO effects to your nightclub or bar during late-night events, you’ll have no problems running the Ikon Profile all night long without any duty cycle, thanks to its low heat output and efficient LED source. The unit also ships with an included yoke, so you can easily mount it on a wall or hang the light from trussing, enabling you to deliver eye-catching beams of bright white light from a range of angles.

Do you want the unlimited power and flexible control to create truly stunning and highly impactful GOBO projections? Well, this versatile and compact new unit gives you just that, utilizing a high-strength beam to project unique GOBO patterns down onto the dance-floor or onto the walls or ceiling of a venue. Powerful, portable but budget-conscious, the Ikon Profile provides you with a sure-fire way to produce pure lighting excitement for your guests, no matter where you take it or how you choose to use it!

The New VIZI Series by ADJ

When it comes to professional lighting, nothing beats that slick combination of power and versatility. But getting that combination at a fair price is a rare thing. And that’s what makes the new Vizi Hybrid 16RX from ADJ such an essential product when it comes to bringing pure lighting excitement to your venue installs and touring rigs. Ushering in the next wave of hybrid fixture, this high-end moving head is the most powerful in ADJ’s acclaimed Vizi Series, packing a high-power 330W Philips discharge lamp, motorized zoom and two separate GOBO wheels into one seriously versatile Moving Head.


The first thing to note is the revolutionary technology behind the Vizi Hybrid 16RX’s super-efficient Philips Platinum 16R MSD discharge lamp, which means that you can blow away your audiences with a series of powerful, vivid displays, including beam, spot and wash effects. The Platinum 16R has an output comparable to a 575W fixture, with double the output of a 250W fixture, as well as offering a flat, even spot field and even more saturation of colors.

This powerful light source is then complemented by a selection of 14 colors, plus white, allowing you to create a wide range of effects in a series of atmosphere-enhancing colors. Whether you choose to create ambient washes in more-subtle hues of purple, mauve, blue and pale green or produce some overhead eye-candy beams in vibrant colors like orange, hot pink, turquoise and bright green, the flexibility of the 16RX is just one of its many appealing factors! Of course, you can always use the ‘white’ setting when you really want something simple but effective, showing off the pure power of the fixture’s Philips lamp.

As well as offering this wide range of color options, ADJ has also fitted the Vizi Hybrid 16RX with two independent GOBO wheels. One boasts 16 static GOBOs (+ spot and frost) and the other features 12 interchangeable rotating glass GOBOs (+ spot), with mesmerizing patterns including swirls, dots and others, as well as open/spot GOBOs and frost filters. Giving you the freedom to be more imaginative, having two GOBO wheels to play with lets you have a lot of fun – something which will come out in your lightshow, ensuring that your guests have a great time too. And, thanks to the GOBO Scroll and GOBO Shake features offered for both wheels, you can enhance these effects even more, creating unique displays that bear your own mark of personalization.

Building on this flexibility, you’ll also find that the 16RX is fitted with 6- and 8-facet prisms, both of which are individually rotatable to allow for awesome multi-directional prism effects that bring exciting visuals to just about any event. Want to get extra creative and add something unbelievably unique to your displays? Well, these prisms can also be morphed together to generate hypnotic effects that will grab the attention of your audience and refuse to let go!

The truly game-changing aspect of the Vizi Hybrid 16RX, however, is its clever combination of spot, beam and wash effects, which are all rolled into one highly versatile moving head. This flexibility is enabled primarily by the fixture’s motorized focus and zoom: the concise beam is perfect for creating exciting overhead effects, complemented by fog and haze for that extra-defined look, while you can also widen out the angle (from three to 32 degrees, depending on your needs) for stage performances, table spotting, architectural highlights and other professional uses. ADJ has also equipped the product with a frost function, so you can easily turn the hard-edged beam into a more subtle wash effect that’s perfect for flooding stages and seating areas with color.

Thanks to its strobe and pulse features, the Vizi Hybrid 16RX is an effect that’s perfect not just for static spotlighting but also for creating fast-moving strobe beams on the dance-floor during corporate parties, club events and other occasions where powerful beam effects are required. Not only can you change the speed of these random pulse/strobe effects from slow to fast, but control the intensity of your displays using the 0-100% electronic dimming.

In terms of operation, the 16RX can be controlled using the expansive 19-channel DMX mode, which provides you with unrestricted control over its vast range of game-changing features. With XLR in/out connections built in, too, you can also DMX link multiple Hybrid 16RX fixtures, for far-reaching and eye-catching cross-venue displays.

While the Vizi Hybrid 16RX’s stepper motors (with micro stepping) allow you to position these beams and effects accurately, they also allow the excitement and energy of your lightshow to be super-charged with rapid, dynamic 360-degree pan and 270-degree tilt movement. ADJ has also ensured that you can adjust the speed of the head’s movement, as well as invert the pan/tilt movement across multiple fixtures, for a symmetrical and visually pleasing display. However, if the standard 360-degree pan isn’t enough for you, there is the option to increase this scope to an impressive 540 degrees.

The Vizi Hybrid 16RX is not just flexible in its usability, but also compact and lightweight for its class. Along with the stepper motors, the unit’s low weight (51 lbs / 23kg.) and portable size (12.75 x 14.5 x 22.5” / 325x370x571mm) mean that it moves faster than previous ADJ moving heads, allowing you to produce attention-grabbing displays of rapid beams. Of course, this compactness also makes the 16RX perfect for incorporating into your mobile tour or stage setup, being easy to store, transport, carry and position.

And, if that’s not enough, ADJ have packed this fixture with GOBO Morphing and Prism Layering, two features generally found in fixtures with a much steeper price tag. The GOBO Morphing changes from one GOBO to another by slowing fading from one pattern to another; s much different effect than just changing from one GOBO to another on the GOBO wheel. The Prism Layering is another pro feature that designers will really like. It layers the prism in a way to create a one of a kind effect. Both of these great features may be seen in the Vizi Hybrid 16RX’s product demo video (

Using multiple 16RX units is also a breeze, with the reliable PowerCon connections letting you daisy-chain the power for several units. Furthermore, when it comes to mounting your effects, ADJ includes Omega quick-lock brackets with every 16RX, ensuring a quick and hassle-free setup during installation or build.

Do you want high-power hybrid effects without the price tag? Capable of taking your touring lightshows and installs to the next level by delivering pure lighting excitement in all its forms, the Vizi Hybrid 16RX is the solution to all your professional lighting needs! 

ADJ Provides the Lighting Dynamite for a Dance Explosion at LA’s La Boom Nightclub

LA’s La Boom nightclub is the biggest in the area and the venue’s management wanted their lightshow to reflect this. Already fitted out with a host of ADJ fixtures, the club has recently undergone a lighting upgrade and now features ADJ’s innovative Vizi Hybrid 16RX moving heads as well as AV6 LED video panels.


ADJ dealer David Soltero of LA-based Latin Power Lighting & Sound has supplied La Boom for the past five years. It was previously fitted out with a rig comprising fixtures from another leading lighting manufacturer, but when David was brought in to overhaul it he encouraged the venue’s management to switch to ADJ and Elation Professional. A long-time ADJ dealer, David advocates the use of ADJ equipment because of his own positive experiences, “everything is good quality, which is the reason that I sell ADJ lighting, it is a company that I have come to trust”.

La Boom’s management took David’s advice, a decision that they have never regretted. “Everything works perfectly,” he tells us. “There have never been any problems over the past five years”. This means that when it was time to freshen the rig, David and ADJ were the obvious choice. The La Boom management wanted to make a real impact with fixtures that were brighter than anything they – or their competitors – had used before, which led David to suggest the new Vizi Beam Hybrid 16RX.

Powered by a revolutionary Philips® Platinum 16R MSD lamp, which has an output comparable to that of a regular 575W discharge lamp, the Vizi Hybrid 16RX is smaller and lighter than any other moving head in its class allowing for lightning fast movement as well as incredibly bright output. It also offers true three-in-one Beam, Wash and Spot functions, making it a flexible fixture capable of generating awe-inspiring effects.

At La Boom David installed no less than 24 of these fixtures around two concentric circular trusses hanging in the center of the room above the dancefloor. This creates an incredible focal point for the venue, with fast-moving beams, color washes and GOBO projections shooting out in all directions. These effects are then amplified by the large number of ADJ mirror balls, of various different sizes, that are spread throughout the venue onto which the beams from the Vizi Hybrid 16RXs can be projected. The combination of multiple beams and multiple mirror balls makes for a truly stunning lightshow.

The impressive new Vizi Hybrid 16RX fixtures are complimented by other ADJ and Elation Professional moving heads that were retained from prior to this latest upgrade. 12 ADJ Inno Beam LEDs are arranged down the sides of the room, firing tight beams of richly-saturated colored light onto the dancefloor from the edge. A further 12 ADJ Inno Color Beam Z19 fixtures are also positioned down the sides, each loaded with 19 x 10W quad-color RGBW Osram LEDs. These are used, thanks to their variable 10- to 60-degree beam angle, both for additional beam effects and to provide color washing on the dancefloor.

Positioned at the four corners of the dancefloor, ADJ Fog Fury Jetts are used to enhance the beams of the club’s many moving head lighting fixtures as well as to create an atmosphere enhancing effect in their own right. Angled down towards the dancefloor, the high velocity output and integrated RGBA LEDs of the Fog Fury Jetts allow C02-style blasts of fog to be fired down into the crowd.

Although predominately hosting DJs to play for the venue’s young crowd, La Boom does have a stage to allow for PAs and even live band performances. Stage lighting is provided by 16 Elation Professional Platinum Beam 5R fixtures, which means that in total the venue’s lighting system boasts over 60 moving head units.

Video also plays a large part in the club nights hosted at La Boom, with projectors previously being used to display music videos and ambient visuals. As part of the new upgrade, David demonstrated ADJ’s new AV6 LED video panels to the La Boom management and they were instantly sold on their brightness, image quality and price.

A total of 30 AV6 panels have now been installed in the venue, with 24 arranged in a large 6 x 4 screen at the front of the club, while the others were used to create smaller screens specifically for displaying DJs’ logos and other graphics. The main screen is rigged to moveable truss pillars which can be positioned at the front of the stage for DJ-based events and then brought to the back to allow for live performances.

The management of La Boom are committed to keeping their lightshow fresh and - thanks to David, Latin Power Lighting & Sound, and ADJ - the venue now has a system right on the cutting edge. It is capable of immersing its clientele in an unrivaled atmosphere of video graphics, smoke, light, movement and color, which perfectly complements the music played by both resident and visiting guest DJs. The fuse is lit and the charge is primed, allowing La Boom to explode each and every weekend!

    ADJ Gear List:
  • 24 x ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX
  • 16 x Elation Platinum Beam 5R
  • 12 x ADJ Inno Beam LED
  • 12 x ADJ Inno Color Beam Z19
  • 6 x ADJ Fog Fury Jett
  • 30 x ADJ AV6 Video Panels
  • 30 x ADJ Mirror Balls (mix of 20-inch, 16-inch, 12-inch and 8-inch)
  • 2 x Global Truss America Circles (20 ft / 10 ft)

ADJ Lighting Helps Turn Workouts into Parties at 305 Fitness!

ADJ products are used by DJs, entertainers and lighting professionals across the globe and are installed in bars, clubs, theatres, roller rinks, amusement parks, bowling alleys and churches worldwide. The ability for lighting to transform a space and create atmosphere, whatever that may be, is what links all of these applications and is also why ADJ lighting equipment was installed in the flagship New York studio of 305 Fitness.


Named after Miami’s area code, 305 Fitness is a dance cardio workout phenomenon that is sweeping the East Coast. It combines a live DJ set with an instructor-led non-stop cardio class that is designed to feel like a night out partying disguising a workout. Indeed, the new – but rapidly expanding – company’s slogan is ‘we turn your workout into a party’.

Founded by young fitness instructor and entrepreneur Sadie Kurzban while still in college, 305 Fitness’ unique combination of workout and dance party has proven incredibly popular. Initially operated from rented spaces in gyms and dance studios, in fall of 2014 the company opened its first dedicated studio at 18W 8th Street in New York.

Wanting to create a space that would complement her unique style of workout, Sadie brought in lighting designer Robert Bloom to come up with a lighting system that could bring a 1am dance party vibe to a 7am workout! A theatrically-trained lighting designer with experience in theatre, rock and roll as well as corporate lighting work, Robert is currently the touring lighting designer with hip-hop group The Roots and also takes on other varied lighting projects.

“It appears to be like any other dance studio: mirror on the wall, sprung floor, an array of white downlights. People come in and they stretch, but as soon as the music starts a lightshow erupts overhead, creating a truly unique experience.” - Robert Bloom

Designing the lighting system for 305 Fitness’ studio proved to be a different sort of challenge for Robert than the mainstay of his work as, although heavily influenced by the EDM club scene, the requirements of this project were significantly different. “Fundamentally it is a workout, so I had to keep that in mind,” he told us. “Unlike in a nightclub, where lighting design is often about darkness and negative space, for this project the ability for the participants to see was important. So there’s no darkness and also no moving elements, no haze, no strobes and no blinders; it was important to stay away from anything that could become disorienting. Instead it’s very much a surface show and those surfaces are the floor, the ceiling and the dancers themselves.”

To create this unique combination of high-energy club feel and continuous ambient lighting, Robert chose ADJ’s COB LED-powered Dotz Par fixtures. This choice was based on a desire for an LED par that offers uniform color mixing and an even output as well as a wide beam angle. Robert’s vision for the system was to fill the ceiling of the studio space with a grid of fixtures pointed straight down that could be pixel-mapped to create impressive effects based purely on color changes. The affordability of the Dotz Par was another reason it was chosen, as it allowed the use of a large number of fixtures despite a, relatively, modest budget.

A total of 64 Dotz Par fixtures were installed in the studio along with 12 ADJ ECO UV Bar DMX units. The main lightshow is provided by a grid of 52 Dotz Pars which are spaced out in 5-foot intervals, mounted to pipes attached to the ceiling, which are themselves spaced 4-foot apart. A further 12 Dotz Pars are then arranged across the back wall, spaced at 12-inch intervals, to create down-lighting effects.

The result is a system that is physically unobtrusive but incredibly effective when seen in action. “When you walk into the room,” Robert explained, “it appears to be like any other dance studio: mirror on the wall, sprung floor, an array of white downlights. People come in and they stretch, but as soon as the music starts a lightshow erupts overhead, creating a truly unique experience.”

When it came to programming the lighting, Robert’s theatrical background meant that he approached the task with the intention of creating more than a set of straight-forward effects. “The show itself has its own arc,” he told us. “The first ten minutes are pretty basic, both visually speaking and from a programming stand point. There’s a little eye candy on the back wall, but the downlights are all consistent in brand colors. But then in the middle section, as more dance choreography starts to happen, we begin fleshing out what the rig can do. We show off a little from a pixel-mapped perspective, running low-res video patterns across the ceiling-mounted fixtures. The rig also features an aggressive amount of black light, provided by the ADJ ECO UV Bar DMX fixtures, which is our ‘second act surprise’ at about two thirds of the way through the class. The music slows down for a hip-hop section and everyone lights up in UV which is a real crowd pleaser. Then the final third of the show is a full-throttle light show matched to the music.”

Although all of the 305 Fitness’ sessions incorporate a live DJ, it was clear from the outset that a dedicated lighting operator was out of the question, which impacted how the system was setup. “From a control standpoint, the full system is run on a grandMA console and is programmed to allow for minimum input from the DJ,” Robert explained. “But it is still a live show and I’m very proud that it’s not time-coded, it’s a show that lives and breathes and moves, through real-time choices being made by the DJ. At a minimum, the DJ has to press a Go button seven times to advance from section to section, but there are also a whole bunch of Flash buttons and Effects, which I’ve described to the DJs as ‘visual air horns’. This means that they can do as much or as little as they want, as long as they make the transitions between the sections, which is important as the BPM of the class changes from section to section.”

Both the creative vision of Robert’s design and his efforts in programming the show have resulted in a system that perfectly integrates with, and enhances, the 305 Fitness Experience. “The client reaction was great,” he told us. “Sadie said ‘you’re one of the people who really get this’. She now feels that the lightshow is an integral part of the 305 Fitness brand. The fact that there are lighting effects that are matched to the BPM of the music fundamentally makes the space feel good in a way that probably more than half of the people in the room are unaware of. That rhythm, and those dynamics, is what is making 305 Fitness really stand out.”

The success of both 305 Fitness and Robert’s lighting system is clear to see. The company has already expanded its initial studio with a second space for yoga classes, which has also been fitted with ADJ Dotz Pars. Another, larger, midtown New York facility featuring two studios has also opened recently. Both of these studios have been fitted out with lighting systems based on Robert’s original design, but scaled up (for the larger studio 1) and scaled down (for the smaller studio 2). Following the company’s success in New York, 305 Fitness is already expanding into other areas (Washington, D.C. and Boston) with dedicated facilities featuring Robert’s ADJ lighting rig likely to open soon.

Bringing together a healthy, full-body workout with the fun of a dance party, 305 Fitness’ appeal is easy to understand. As word spreads, we’re sure that the company will continue to grow and more and more people will have a good time getting in shape. The fact that they’ll do it illuminated by an ADJ lighting system is testament to both the Dotz Par and ECO UV Bar DMX fixtures as well as the creativity and vision of Robert Bloom.

Professional Video Panels Create EDM Identity At Summer Camp Music Festival Stage

The 20,000-plus fans who turn out for the weekend Summer Camp Music Festival like it so much that every year about half of them turn up a day early for a giant “Pre Party.” The assembled partiers almost double the population of the central Illinois hamlet of Chillicothe, but no one - neither townsfolk or visitors -- seems to mind; such is the laid back nature of this event. In keeping with that spirit, the festival welcomes a variety of artists, as evidenced by the 2016 lineup that included moe., Umphrey's McGee, Jason Isbell, Ani DiFranco and an array of EDM stars.


Each of these artists appeared on stages that supported their particular musical genre. For the EDM acts, this meant performing in front of an expansive, custom pixel mapped video wall on the Vibe Tent Stage that was created by Ryan Warffuel and Max Koehler of Antic Studios, using CHAUVET Professional PVP S5 panels.

The Antic Studios team used 43 of the 5.2mm pixel pitch panels to create the wall, which was divided into variously shaped geometric sections arranged on truss behind the DJ booth. At the center of the video display were two large panel configurations: one diamond shaped, and below it one arranged as an X. Flanking the X panel on either side were two smaller diamond shaped sections. The perimeter of the wall was made up of six V-shaped configurations. Borders on all panels were very detailed to make Antic’s intricate design stand out more prominently.

Forming a semi-circle around the center panels, the V-shaped units created a sense of movement across the stage without diverting attention from the performers, an EDM star-studded group that included Shiba San, SNBRN, Jackal, Manic Focus, Exmag, Liquid Stranger, Artifakts and more. A key reason for this was the vibrant custom content created by Antic Studios. “Some of the acts brought their own branded content, but most relied on us,” said Koehler. “We designed it to fit the stage and give it a strong EDM identity.”

Many times throughout the festival the segmented video wall displayed the same breakout pattern from slightly different perspectives on the differently shaped panels. This created a powerful reality transcending image on stage that matched the mood of the music. At other points, the Antic team displayed chase sequences on the panels, which were also used at times to saturate the stage with colored light.

“A great thing about the panels was their versatility,” said Warffuel. “We wanted to create a lot of different looks to reflect the personalities of all the various artists we had at the Vibe Tent.”

The Antic team used Adobe Illustrator to create a pixel map that matched the resolution of its LED panels and followed the stage designs layout. The pixel map was then imported into Adobe After Effects and used as a template for the animations. The image was calibrated in LED Studio, and the signal was converted through Chauvet Professional VIP Driver, which was then linked to a signal distributor on stage. (This arrangement allowed Antic to run separate lines to stage deck flanks that needed to be shuffled around during changeovers.) All of the content was converted to DXV3 and then mixed in Resolume Arena 5.

To add extra impact to the Vibe Tent Stage and fill negative space, the Antic team brought 12 Rogue RH1 Hybrids to the festival. The Rogues, which were mounted on the side braces of the tent and were run by Herm Productions, provided aerial and audience lighting as well as color stage washing.

“By adding the Rogues to the video panels, we created an EDM club atmosphere inside the tent,” said Warffuel. “Our goal was to make this tent look different and give it a personality that stood out in this diverse festival. Our team members Derrik Kehler, Brandon Rathke and Joseph Vanderwiel worked hard to make this happen.”

CHAUVET DJ Unveils New Products, Partners With iDJ Now, Lights Main Stage, and Sponsors Events/Contests at DJ Expo

CHAUVET DJ will have its largest presence ever at DJ Expo this year. In addition to lighting the DJ Times Square Main Stage, the company will be sponsoring an informative seminar by popular DJ Jeremy Brech, holding an exciting give-away contest, and introducing a host of new products, including a true hybrid moving head at Booth 712, which will be staffed by professionals from iDJ Now.

An undeniable star at this year’s DJ Expo, which takes place at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City August 14-17, will be the new Intimidator Hybrid 140SR, an all-in-one moving head that morphs from SPOT to BEAM to WASH effortlessly and is fitted with an intense 140W discharge light engine. DJs can use this true hybrid fixture to create dynamic beam effects with dual overlapping independently controlled prisms. They can also use its motorized zoom in beam, spot and wash modes for ultimate light control. The fixture’s dual gobo wheels are ideal for gobo morphing and creating amazing mid-air projections. Advanced glass optics ensure that the new Intimidator yields crisp beams and gobos, while its motorized focus emits crisp projections at almost any distance.

Also new to the Intimidator series and showcased at DJ Expo is the Intimidator Beam 140SR, a cutting-edge moving head beam with a bright 140W discharge light engine. Its motorized frost filter converts tight beams to wide washes for different applications, and an impressive 16-facet prism splits its beam to intensify the excitement.

DJ Expo will also see the debut of the FXpar 9, a compact effect and wash light with multiple technologies, including a separately controlled RGB+UV outer ring (for increased color mixing and effects) and center LED and SMD strobes (for dynamic effects). The fixture’s mutable zones can be used to create spectacular and unique effects. Compatibility with IRC-6 remote improves control over the fixture’s built-in functions.

Another major introduction at DJ Expo is the EZpar T6 USB, a new battery-operated, tri-color RGB LED par that goes anywhere light is needed. The fixture features D-Fi USB compatibility for wireless master/slave or DMX control. Convenient access to RGB color mixing and static colors is also available without DMX. The fixture’s rechargeable, lithium battery lasts up to 20 hours from a single charge, and its compact design easily fits inside sticks of TRUSST, while its flicker-free operation is suitable for on-camera use.

All of these exciting new products, as well as a wide variety of popular CHAUVET DJ fixtures, will be available at attractive show prices at the booth from iDJ Now. CHAUVET DJ and iDJ Now will also be conducting live in-booth lighting presentations and dynamic light show demonstrations throughout the expo during exhibit floor hours.

In addition to showcasing an impressive array of products, CHAUVET DJ will be presenting “Becoming a DJ Lighting Designer: The Power, Profit & Potential,” an impactful seminar by Jeremy Brech on Tuesday August 16th, 2016, 10-11:45 AM in Diamond Rooms B&C. Recognized as one of the leading seminar presenters in the DJ world, Jeremy Brech, aka “DJ Jer,” is the creator of “DJ Jer Shop Time” and the owner of DJ Jer Events & Lighting Design in Sioux Falls, SD. He has been entertaining crowds at weddings, school events, corporate events, and fundraisers for over 18 years.

At his seminar, Brech will detail how DJs can make a powerful lighting impression with fixtures of any size. The widely acclaimed DJ will share insights, tips and tricks using real CHAUVET DJ fixtures in a typical ballroom setting to demonstrate how easy it is to transform an otherwise run-of-the-mill gig into a true event lighting experience with wow-factor details guests will remember for years to come.

DJ Expo visitors will also have the opportunity to win a free CHAUVET DJ EZPin Pack in one of three raffle giveaways. Random drawings will be Tuesday August 16th at 4:00pm, Wednesday August 17th at 4:00pm, and Thursday August 18th at 1:00pm at the CHAUVET DJ/ iDJ Now booth. Raffle tickets can be obtained by attending the CHAUVET DJ seminar, registering for a free CHAUVET DJ VIP Rewards account at the show, or by making an iDJ Now purchase at Booth 712. Drawing times are subject to change and visitors must be present to win.
CHAUVET DJ is also a proud sponsor of the “DJ of the Year” Competition presented by DJ Times Wednesday, August 17th 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm at the Black Box Cabaret at Scores Atlantic City.

Two-In-One Effects: Distinctive Up-lighting & Mid-Air Projections

The unique new Chameleon QBar Pro from ADJ produces impressive wall-washing effects and can also be used to generate impactful mid-air beams. Offering WiFLY DMX control, 64 color macros, 19 built-in programs and 6 operating modes, it is an innovative product that offers the potential for a whole new level of creativity in venue up-lighting.

Powered by three potent 30W RGBA (4-in-1) LEDs, each positioned behind a separate angled lens, the Chameleon QBar Pro projects three separate beams of light in a fan-shaped pattern to give a new dimension to up-lighting. Each LED can be individually controlled, allowing impressive multi-color static effects to be created as well as imaginative animated chase sequences. The lenses are mounted on an adjustable yoke, which means that the unit can also be used as a mid-air effect, shooting out vibrant beams of color into, or over, a crowd.

Not only does the Chameleon QBar Pro offer impressive up-lighting or powerful mid-air effects, but it can also be controlled remotely from a considerable distance as it is fitted with ADJ’s WiFLY EXR ‘Extend Range’ wireless DMX which allows connectivity from up to 2,500 feet away. The unit is compatible with ADJ’s entire range of WiFLY fixtures and controllers for use as part of a wireless DMX system.

“Up-lighting has become a staple part of the service offered by many mobile DJs and event production companies, who use it to transform the look of banquet halls and function rooms for their clients,” said ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “However we know that many of our customers strive to be ahead of the curve and are now looking for ways to take their up-lighting to another level, which is where the Chameleon QBar Pro comes in. This innovative fixture allows distinctive fan-shaped up-lighting projections to be created quickly and easily. Add to that it’s dual-purpose ability to work as a beam effect and its in-built extended range WiFLY DMX capability and you have an innovative lighting fixture ideal for a variety of applications.”

A wide range of control options makes the Chameleon QBar Pro extremely flexible and equally suited to lighting novices as it is to seasoned professionals. Selection between the modes, as well as DMX addressing, is carried out using the 2 x 8-character LCD display screen positioned on the top of the unit, which offers a straight-forward and intuitive menu-driven interface.

For simple single-color up-lighting, the Static Color Mode allows any one of the unit’s 64 pre-programmed color macros to be easily selected. However, for those situations where an exact color hue is required, the RGBA Dimmer Mode allows the level of red, green, blue and amber light to be mixed precisely. The unit is also pre-programmed with 19 varied chase patterns, all of which can be set to run at a regular speed in Auto Run Mode or synchronized with the music in Sound Active Mode. What’s more, units can be linked in a master/slave configuration to allow static colors or pre-programmed chases to be easily synchronized across multiple Chameleon QBar Pros.

When it comes to DMX control, a choice between seven different modes allows DMX control using between 4 and 14 channels. This means that users can choose the option that gives the level of control they require without wasting channels in their system on attributes they are unlikely to use. While the Chameleon QBar Pro offers cutting-edge WiFLY EXR connectivity, standard 3-pin XLR input and output sockets are also provided to allow the fixture to be integrated into an existing cabled DMX system.

For lighting users who don’t want to use DMX, the Chameleon QBar Pro is compatible with ADJ’s separately sold LED RC2 and UC IR wireless remotes, which offer basic wireless control for color and mode selection. The fixture can also be controlled by ADJ’s innovative Airstream IR, the compact and affordable new device that transforms any iOS phone or tablet into a lighting controller.

To allow easier and neater cable runs, the IEC power input and XLR DMX input sockets are located on the left side of the unit, while the corresponding output sockets are on the right. Thanks to the use of efficient LED light-sources, the fixture’s maximum power draw is 100W, despite its impressive output. This means that the power supply for up to 6 units can be daisy-chained together to minimize the number of power cords required and maximize setup speed.

Designed for use by mobile entertainers, venue dressers and production companies, the Chameleon QBar Pro is both lightweight (8 lbs. / 3.7 kg) and compact (270 x 100 x 260mm / 10.5” x 4” x 10.25”). Not only is it easy to store and transport, but it’s small form and rectangular shape mean that it can sit in closer to a wall than a traditional par-style fixture reducing the risk of a guest tripping over it.

Offering the versatility of both distinctive up-lighting and impactful mid-air effects, as well as the flexibility of wireless control, the ADJ Chameleon QBar Pro is a powerful lighting tool. With bright RGBA LED light-sources and a variety of control options, it is ideal for any lighting user who wants to make their lighting effects stand out as uniquely different.

The Chameleon QBar Pro is available now from ADJ USA and ADJ Europe.
For more information on the Chameleon QBar Pro, visit:

Light Up the Night with the Mega Go Series. Easy Set-up and Teardown - Just Turn It On and Go!

Mega QPlus Go

The ADJ Mega QPlus Go is a compact, low profile battery powered par designed for uplighting and stage lighting, and will bring color and excitement to any party. This fixture features an unique “sit-flat” design so that it may sit directly on the ground or inside truss without the scissor yoke because the power & DMX ins and outs are mounted on the side of the fixture, not on the rear.

The Mega QPlus Go features 5x 4-Watt, 4-in-1 RGB + UV LEDs which offers smooth Color Mixing, has a 40-degree beam angle, 5 operational modes (including DMX, Sound Active Mode, RGB + UV Dimmer Mode, Auto Run Mode, & Static Color Mode), and has 8 DMX Channel modes for a variety of programming options. Users can also use the Airstream IR App or ADJ UC IR wireless remote, which is sold separately, to control the Mega QPlus Go.



Mega Go Par64 Plus

The ADJ Mega Go Par 64 Plus is a rechargeable lithium battery powered low profile LED Par Can that offers the creativity of RGB + UV color mixing for stage or wall washing, plus the freedom to set up your fixture where ever you wish without the restrictions of power. The built-in battery will keep a charge for up to 4.5 hours (full on) from a full, single charge.

This fixture uses LEDs rated at approximately 50,000 hours with a maximum power draw of 27W. DMX addressing may also be changed by the unit’s 4-button LED display, or controlled by a DMX Controller or the ADJ RC2 remote control, UC IR remote control (All sold separately), or Airstream IR app. There is no duty cycle on the Mega Go Par 64 Plus, plus users can “daisy-chain” the power from one unit to the next with the built-in IEC power Ins/Outs.


CHAUVET Professional VIP F4 Video Panel Fits Rental and Integrator Markets

You can’t be all things to all people, but you can be equally at home in the rental and integrator markets. At least that’s the case with the new 4.8 mm pixel pitch VIP F4 Video Panel from CHAUVET Professional. Featuring cable-free magnetic LED modules and a removable control/PSU box, the new video panels are fully serviceable from the front or rear. The panels can be removed easily from the front using an MT-03 tool, making it practical to install the F4 flat on a wall in permanent installations. At the same time, the ruggedly designed panels also come with road cases for touring applications.

Running CHAUVET Professional’s VIP Driver 43Nova Novastar Controller, the F4 offers the ultimate in user-friendly convenience, whether it’s used at a permanent installation or on a tour. The Novastar feature takes video input and outputs it over an Ethernet control system. This allows the video wall to be mapped without a computer. The Novastar protocol can be used to scale video output, adjusting color, brightness and other parameters.

CHAUVET Professional worked with Novastar to develop unique control features for its controller/panel system. These features focus on advanced mapping functions with visual feedback directly on the panels, to help simplify the process for users.

Replacing panels on a wall created with F4 tiles is simple. The magnetic tiles are easily removed using CHAUVET Professional’s MT-03 tool. An advanced Memory on Module design ensures that when a panel is swapped, the replacement will match its brightness and calibration. The new F4 panels are not only service-friendly, they’re also easy to install. Their screw-less front masks allow users to install them by hand, using a clip-on design

“We designed the F4 to reflect the diverse range of ways video walls are used today,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “The panels are equally at home in all markets and can be controlled without extra equipment, making them more convenient for all end-users. The panels are also extremely versatile. Our goal was to create a panel that excelled in the widest range of possible applications.”

As powerful as it is versatile, the new F4 has 21,632 RGB SMD 3528 black body LEDs that produce high contrast images. Its 140° viewing angle and 1500 NITS illuminance ensure that its output will be vivid and crisp from any perspective at a range of ambient light levels. Its minimum viewing distance is 13 feet (4 meters). A display refresh rate of 3,840 Hz helps to ensure that it will perform well in a variety of applications, including broadcast. The panels can also be rotated 90° to create special shapes.

Although ruggedly constructed with die cast magnesium frames, the new F4 panels are extremely lightweight, making them easy to transport and install. That’s good news for touring companies and integrators, who are likely to see this breakthrough video panel quite often in the future.

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