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RTI NEO ONE laser system

tarm DOT


    Tarm DOT is a DMX multi effect projector with a great white balance and unique glass effects. It’s a pure diode solution with analog color modulation and a guaranteed output power of 3’900 mW. Amongst others, the tarm DOT can create the Microstar effect, which simulates a starry sky, just like it was a real one: In white light or in many different color shades.

    Besides the Microstar effect there are other optical effects built in that can be triggered similarly to an optical bench. The control of the tarm DOT is through DMX, so no laser software is required. This allows for easy integration to existing setups, especially also on large stages and at large scale productions.

    The tarm DOT is equipped with optical/glass effects, which means that the projections are flicker free, as no moving parts, like scanners, are used for creating the display. These effects are built-in: Microstar (starry sky effect), Grid narrow (50° angle diffraction, suitable for long distance projection), Solid Line (120° deflection), Line Effect (dotted line, 90°).

    The effects being optically generated makes them particularly suitable for TV productions.

    Due to the analog color modulation it is possible to get up to 160,000 color shades, including white. Furthermore Tarm DOT is equipped with a red (1’200 mW / 638 nm), a green (1’000 mW / 520 nm), and a blue (2’200 mW / 450 nm) diode laser source.

    A four level zoom lens allows for zooming the laser projection and thus adapt it to the requirements of the venue.

    The laser systems have a compact housing, thus they’re easily integrated into existing lighting setups and existing room concepts. Due to the durable mounting bracket, the Tarm DOT systems can be mounted in standing and hanging position, thus it is possible to hang the units from a truss or mount them on top of a stand.

    The tarm DOT is also available as moving head: In combination with the RTI Velox, the tarm DOT can be exactly positioned with infinite PAN and TILT angle.

    Find more details:


    Laserworld AG Switzerland
    Norbert Stangl
    Kreuzlingerstraße 5
    8574 Lengwil / Switzerland
    Telefon +41 (0)71 67780-82
    Telefax +41 (0)71 67780-88
    E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.             

Garden Star LED

New garden lighting effect released: LED and laser combined in one for effective indoor and outdoor illumination – the new GARDEN STAR LED A new red and green multipoint laser effect with hundreds of rotating laser dots has been released in combination with multicolor LEDs. The combination of laser and LED adds effects plus ambient lighting to gardens or balconies, to projections on trees, plants, walls, facades and can particularly be used to highlight garden parties. LED and laser harmonize very well: while lighting a large-area background in luminous colors with four 3W LEDs, the laser output generates special effects in red and green. Because of high LED power and a low distance loss of laser output, objects can even be illuminated from farer distance. The IP65 waterproof housing of the garden laser projectors allows placing them outdoors or even next to ponds or pools. Because of the durable housing the GARDEN STAR LED is ready to use even in winter for e.g. Christmas, on rainy days or at Halloween: The operating temperature range is specified between -20°C to +40°C. An aluminium stake for easy mounting is also included in delivery. A remote control allows for changing colors of the LED and laser output individually. It is also possible to set the speed of the effect and the timer feature. See more details on the website:

Contact: Laserworld AG Switzerland Norbert Stangl Kreuzlingerstraße 5 8574 Lengwil / Switzerland Telefon +41 (0)71 67780-82 Telefax +41 (0)71 67780-88 E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Technology change in high power green laser sources in the new RTI PIKO RGB 20 laser system

Ray Technologies presents their new RTI PIKO RGB 20 with a high precision diode module as substitution for the OPSL green laser source. This change in technology for the green colour spectrum became possible due to new diode arrays that have been developed by RTI’s R&D in Valley, next to Munich, Germany.

The homogenous beam profile of the PIKO RGB 20 even fits small 4mm scanner mirrors, which results in high scanner performance, as the inertia of the scanners is kept very low. The CT-6210H scanners can do 60kpps @ 8° and still do 35kpps at their maximum scan angle of 80°. Besides the small beam diameter, the RTI PIKO RGB 20 maintains a very low divergence of <1.0mrad, so the small beam diameter is not negatively impacting the divergence at all.

The RTI PIKO RGB 20 laser systems are especially designed and tailored for high professional applications. The colour balance of 5.8W/638nm, 6.2W/520nm, 6.0W/450nm and 4.0W/462nm provides excellent white balance at extremely high power. Colour balance, scanner settings and various safety features can easily be configured through a browser interface, so it is no longer necessary to directly access the laser system for making adjustments.

The full diode setup not only leads to a uniform laser source technology in the RTI PIKO RGB 20, but it also leads to price reductions compared to systems with OPSL green.

The RTI PIKO RGB 20 can be obtained through the Laserworld Group, as Ray Technologies is a Laserworld company.

Find further details at Laserworld:


Laserworld Purelight Series


    Laserworld presents the new Purelight Series with high performance for a low price

    Laserworld’s Purelight Series with 6W, 10W and 20W offers high power for a low price with a good white balance. This makes the units well suitable for high power applications in bigger venues.

    Laserworld’s Purelight systems are powerful white light RGB laser systems with a power range between 6 and 20W. The three offered RGB systems have a good white balance with homogeneous beam profile and analogue color modulation. Lasers of the new Purelight Series have a compact housing, thus they easily integrate with existing lighting setups and established room concepts. Due to the rugged mounting bracket, the Purelight laser systems can be mounted in standing and hanging position, thus it is possible to hang the units from a truss or mount them on top of a stand. Laserworld Purelight systems are especially suitable for beam shows with longer beam distances, e. g. at festivals or bigger stage shows.

    The devices are completely equipped with diodes and fast scanners, which also allows for graphics projections. The trim pots at the back side of the projector can be used for adjusting the intensity per color channel. Buttons for switching the Scan Safety as well as flipping the x- and y-axis are available as well.

    “The Purelight laser systems are extremely efficient, especially for their low price,” said Norbert Stangl, CMO of the Laserworld Group, who co-developed the Purelight systems. “There is a significant need of strong laser systems for festivals and large stages at a low price, which became obvious over the last few months. Due to the large manufacturing quantities and technical developments we had the chance to dramatically reduce the production costs.”

    The dust-proof optics section makes the Purelight lasers nearly maintenance free.

    The Laserworld Purelight systems are available from € 3,495.- for the PL-6000RGB, from € 5,900.- for the PL-10.000RGB and from € 11,900.- for the PL-20.000RGB. These prices are the recommended retail price, plus VAT and shipping.

    More details on the Laserworld Purelight Series:

Two Party Effects Are Better Than One

ADJ is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its latest party-starting lighting fixture, the Mini Dekker LZR. Adding to ADJ’s Startec series of affordable effect lights, the new Mini Dekker LZR combines a powerful multi-beam derby moonflower with a potent red and green cluster laser to create a room-filling blaze of color, movement, and energy.


The Mini Dekker LZR is a 2-in-1 combo effect designed to make the lives of mobile entertainers and equipment installers easier. With this compact fixture, there’s only one unit for mobile lighting users to store, transport, and setup, yet they can achieve two very different effects. Likewise, installers working in bars, clubs, bowling alleys, roller rinks and youth centers only need to rig a single fixture to create both cluster laser and LED beam effects.

Powered by two extremely bright 10-watt RGBW quad-color LEDs, focused through 48 separate angled lenses, the Mini Dekker LZR’s derby moonflower effect can fill a very large area with moving colored light. Depending on the desired look, its multitude of red, green, blue, and white beams are capable of shooting around at high speed to add energy to a dancefloor or gliding slowly to create a more relaxed intimate atmosphere for slow dancing or cocktail hours.

The Mini Dekker LZR’s laser effect is positioned between two sets of the derby moonflower lenses on the front of the unit and powered by a potent combination of a 30mW (532nm) green laser diode and a 100mW (650nm) red laser diode. Due to the way the human eye perceives green laser light to be brighter than red, these carefully selected diodes allow the unit to create a balanced effect where both the red and green beams appear of equal brightness.

The laser diodes are used to project a variety of different spinning patterns, such as dots, circles, spirals, and crosses, which are then multiplied by a diffraction grating to create a wide-reaching expanse of laser projections. The resulting effect is ideal for creating mid-air beam effects in a hazy atmosphere, or for adding interest to dancefloors as well as venue walls, floors, and ceilings.

With a heavy-duty metal construction, the fixture’s casing is finished with black powder-coating for a sleek, under-stated look. It is fitted with an adjustable hanging bracket, which can easily lock into place at any desired angle using plastic thumbscrews on either side, making the Mini Dekker LZR a flexible fixture for both mobile use and fixed installations. The hanging bracket has a pre-drilled hole, allowing it to attach directly to a T-bar or to a clamp for truss mounting, and the unit is also fitted with a safety eye to allow the attachment of a safety wire as an added precaution when the fixture is mounted above the heads of the public.

Lightweight and portable, the Mini Dekker LZR is ideal for mobile entertainers on the go. The unit itself measures 8” x 7.75” x 5.75” / 205mm x 198mm x 147mm (LxWxH), while its height increases to 8.5” / 218mm when its hanging bracket is fully extended upwards. It weighs just 4 lbs. / 1.7kg., making it easy to rig, carry, and transport. The unit’s small size and low weight also make it ideal for installation in bars and clubs with limited ceiling height.

Thanks to its use of efficient laser diodes and LED light-sources, the Mini Dekker LZR consumes a maximum of just 33W of power. Its LEDs are long life, offering 50,000 hours of run time, meaning that lamp replacement is a thing of the past. The fixture also has no duty cycle, meaning that it can produce its party-starting effects constantly for as long as they are required.

As is common across the ADJ range, the Mini Dekker LZR offers a variety of control options, allowing users to select the one that is best for their particular circumstances and preferences. For easy plug-and-play operation, the fixture is pre-programmed with three different built-in shows, each of which make use of both the derby moonflower and laser effects to their full potential. All three of the in-built lightshows can be set to run in Show Mode, at a fixed speed of the user’s choice, or Sound Active, triggered by the musical beat detected by an internal microphone. In either of these modes, multiple Mini Dekker LZR fixtures can be linked together for Master/Slave operation allowing a synchronized multi-head lightshow to be setup quickly and easily.

Basic remote control of a single Mini Dekker LZR unit, or a set of fixtures linked Master/Slave, can be achieved using ADJ’s UC IR wireless remote control (sold separately). This offers selection between the different pre-programmed shows and can be used to black the unit out. The remote can also be used to switch between Show Mode and Sound Active mode remotely, as well as for triggering the moonflower strobe effect on cue. Similar control can also be achieved using ADJ’s Airstream IR system which uses an app to turn an iPhone or iPad into a lighting controller.

Offering full remote control of all the unit’s features and effects, the Mini Dekker LZR can also be connected into a DMX system. A choice of two DMX channel modes is available, 2- and 7-channel, and DMX addressing, as well as mode selection, is provided by a 4-digit LED display on the rear of the fixture. Using DMX, it is possible to select just the derby moonflower or just the laser, as well as to run both effects simultaneously. DMX control also allows LED color selection and movement speed control for the derby moonflower effect, as well as color, pattern, and movement speed selection for the laser effect.

“The Startec Mini Dekker LZR is an impressive new lighting fixture that rolls two exciting effects together into one compact and lightweight case,” explained ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “Perfect for mobile entertainers, as well as bars, small clubs, and entertainment centers, the Mini Dekker LZR offers powerful LED beam effects combined with potent red and green cluster laser projections to create a party-starting effect. Throw in a robust case, flexible hanging bracket, and multiple control options and you have an incredibly effective fixture that offers excellent value for money.”

The Mini Dekker LZR is available now worldwide.


For more information on the ADJ Mini Dekker LZR, visit:

ADJ Expands Faze Machine Series with New Entour Venue

Following the success of its Entourage professional-grade touring faze machine, ADJ is pleased to introduce a new addition to its range of atmosphere-generating effects units. The Entour Venue is a flexible, high-output, water-based professional faze machine featuring an integrated hanging bracket that has been designed for both mobile use and permanent fixed installations.


Despite its compact form, the Entour Venue offers a huge output of up to 15,000 cubic ft. per minute thanks to its high-speed fan and powerful 1500W heating element. A flexible fixture, the Entour Venue is fitted with both rubber feet and an adjustable hanging bracket, which means that it can either sit on the floor or hang from a truss or lighting rig. It will also operate on its back!

Just like the popular Entourage touring unit, the Entour Venue offers a hybrid between a conventional fog machine and a haze machine. It uses economical water-based fog fluid, but disperses it thinly over a much wider area to create the perfect atmosphere for vibrant mid-air beam effects. It also features variable output volume, adjustable speed fan, and a multi-angle output vent, which means that it is capable of generating just the right amount of faze – in exactly the right place – for any given application.

Offering easy setup and operation, as well as an exceptionally quick warm-up time of just 45 seconds, the Entour Venue can be ready for action in no time at all. It is also capable of continuous operation and incorporates a built-in 5.6 Liter fluid tank, which means that it is ideal for use in big venues and on large-scale productions when a significant amount of atmospheric faze is required over a prolonged period of time. The machine’s maximum fluid consumption is 9ml/min, which equates to over 10 hours of continuous output at full power.

The unit offers four different operating modes, which are easily accessible using the controls located on the front panel. A blue back-lit LCD screen is also situated on the front of the unit, displaying information relating to the various options offered within each mode. For quick and easy operation, the Manual mode has its own dedicated button. Simply pressing the button will start the machine outputting faze at maximum capacity, while releasing the button de-activates the mode.

Using a menu-driven interface facilitated by the LCD screen, the Entour Venue can also be set up for standalone operation. Continuous mode allows the fog Output Volume to be set between 5% and 100%, while the Fan Speed can be independently configured to between 5% and 100%. The machine will then continue to output faze constantly, using the selected settings, for as long as required. Alternatively, the Timer mode can be used to set a Duration (between 3 and 250 seconds) as well as an Interval (also between 3 and 250 seconds), offering an alternative method for continuous standalone operation.

Fitted with both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR DMX input and output sockets, for maximum flexibility, the unit can also be integrated into a fully-controlled lighting and effects system. A choice of three different operating modes are provided, requiring 1, 2 or 4 DMX channels respectively, depending on the level of control required by the user. The basic 1-channel option offers combined variable control of the fog Output Volume and Fan Speed, while the 2-channel mode separates out control of these two functions. The full 4-channel option, meanwhile, not only offers variable independent control of Output Volume and Fan Speed but also remote control of the unit’s timer Interval and Duration settings.

Considering its large output potential and substantial fluid tank capacity, the Entour Venue is a relatively compact and light-weight fixture. It measures 21” x 15.25” x 9.75” / 533 x 387 x 249mm (LxWxH) and weighs 47 lbs. / 21.3 kg, making it equally suited to large mobile lightshows as it is for permanent installation in venues such as nightclubs, theatres, and churches.

“When we launched the Entourage touring faze machine last year, the response was phenomenal and that product has gone on to become a fantastic seller,” commented ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “We’re therefore pleased to now introduce another new addition to the ADJ range of faze machines. The new Entour Venue offers the same atmosphere-enhancing faze, high output power, and flexible operating options as the Entourage, but with an alternative casing design that is ideal for venue installation and mobile lighting rigs. Complete with an integral hanging bracket, the Entour Venue can easily be mounted to a truss structure either as part of a permanent installation or portable lighting system.”

The ADJ Entour Venue will be available from February 2017. It offers an unbeatable combination of high output, compact size, and versatile control features that make it the perfect professional atmosphere enhancer for any large venue installation or mobile lightshow.

The Entour Venue is available now from ADJ USA, and will be available March 2017 from ADJ Europe.

For more information on the Entour Venue, visit:

Expand Your Universe with the new Stinger Star

Cover the room in light from the unique party dome, wash the dance floor in colors and mesmerize the crowd with the Galaxian style red and green laser!

The 3-FX-IN-1 Stinger Star, part of ADJ’s Stinger Series, helps you create an event to remember! With 3 different lighting effects in one and 6 built-in lightshows (unique party dome Moonflower, color wash effect and a red/green laser effect) you have hours of fun built into one lighting fixture.

  • High Output 3 FX in 1: Moonflower, Strobe/Chase and Laser effect with 6 x 3W RGBWAV LED’s + 8 x 1W RGBA LED’s + Red & Green Lasers
  • 2 DMX Channel Modes: 2 and 14 DMX Channels
  • 3 Operation modes: Sound Active, Show Mode or DMX Controllable
  • 6 Exciting built-in shows 
  • Produces 63 Preset Color Combinations
  • Stand Alone or Master/Slave Set Up
  • Linkable via 3-pin XLR cable
  • 4-button DMX display on rear panel
  • Strobe & Chase LED Effect
  • DMX-512 Protocol
  • NO Duty Cycles! - Run all night!
  • IEC AC IN/OUT on rear to daisy chain power (8 Fixtures Max. @ 120V and 16 Fixtures Max. @230V)
  • Safety Loop on rear panel
    Power Draw: 55W Max (Full On)
    UC IR Remote Control (Sold Separately) & Airstream IR Compatible (Transmitter Included
    Multi Voltage: 100V~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Long life LEDs (Rated at approximately 50,000 hours)
  • Light Source: 6 x 3W RGBWAV + 8 x 1W RGBA LED’s + Red & Green Laser
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 16.25” x 8.25”x 9.5” / 410x210x238mm
  • Weight: 10 lbs. / 4.4kg.

Laserworld launches Showeditor 2015 - New Laser Show Software Set

The complete package of Laserworld Showeditor 2015 laser show software and ShowNET LAN interface is now available and offers intuitive operation for beginners as well as many options of laser show customization for professional laserists.

Laserworld´s Showeditor features both interface for live laser shows and pre-programmed timeline based laser shows. The ShowNET LAN interface is equipped as standard for a manufacturer´s suggested retail price (MRSP) at 329.- Euro (excl. VAT and shipping).
The software provides 100 free laser shows and pre-configured MIDI profiles for easy controlling. The import of ILDA-files (*.ild) is supported and guarantees sharing pictures, graphics and animations with other software products via the microSD slot of the ShowNET interface. These files can be played automatically or manually via DMX.

Laserworld Showeditor includes DMX import and export, thus it can be controlled remotely via DMX controller or can control other devices like intelligent lighting by itself. Enhanced MIDI features allow easy setup of own profiles and thanks to compability with SMPTE timecode signals the software supports professional multimedia applications.
The timeline makes audio and video playback available, so even more advanced laser shows can be created with Laserworld Showeditor.
The all-in-one set includes software, ShowNET LAN-to-ILDA interface, 0.4m ILDA cable, a short CAT-5 LAN cable and a small neoprene case plus mounting for the ShowNET box.

Laserworld Showeditor 2015 software is available in following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Romanian. More languages will come soon. Manuals are available in English and German at the moment.
On the website there are a support forum, a tutorial section and a FAQ area. It is possible to upload own laser shows and share them with other users as well.

Laserworld Showeditor Software page:
Buy Laserworld Showeditor 2015:

CHAUVET Brings the DeLorean DMC-12 Back to the Future

On October 21, 2015, history caught up with itself for fans of the Back to the Future film series, and a collection of Chauvet fixtures was used to help a large gathering of British fans mark the occasion. In 1989’s Back to the Future II, the time travelling Doc sets the destination time in the plutonium powered DeLorean DMC-12 sports car to October 21, 2015, thus transporting Marty McFly and his girlfriend Jennifer into the future to save the past. To mark this date of mythical cult status, Vision SL was commissioned by Tattooed Bakers to help create a life-sized DeLorean cake for a ‘Back to the Future Day’ celebration.

Vision SL brought this edible automobile to life with help from two Geyser RGB foggers that simulated plumes of smoke emanating from the cake-car’s exhaust. To add extra realism to colour the DeLorean, Vision SL also used four COLORado Deco Quad 1 Tour fixtures as front headlamps, two MegaStrobe FX12s for rear brake indicators and two COLORband PiX IP linear washes for bumper lights.

“While the cake itself was something incredible to behold, it was our task to inject the car with a certain vivacity,” commented Vision SL’s Tom Wilkes. “We turned to our extensive selection of CHAUVET fixtures to bring the iconic DeLorean to life, giving it the wow factor it deserved.”

With two Geyser RGB foggers installed at the rear exhausts, the steady white smoke plumes billowing from the back of the car harked back to scenes in the film where the car is jettisoned back into the future – or indeed into the past. “We needed something that could fire up quickly and give a strong burst of smoke with fast dissipation,” said Wilkes. “The Geysers worked perfectly!”

Two MegaStrobe FX12s were used to replicate the DeLorean’s distinct ’80s looking rear brake lights. As Wilkes explained, the FX12s also offered an additional modification: “The FX12s were not the perfect size to accurately replicate the rear brake lights, but thanks to the pixel mappable LEDs, we were able to reproduce a grid of light with individual control.“

Wilkes explained how the COLORdash and COLORband PiX fixtures were used to add colour to the display care. “COLORdashes gave such intense light and brilliant colours, so they allowed us to replicate the DeLorean’s headlamps in a very eye-catching fashion,” he said. “We used the COLORband PiX to create a powerful wash for the front and rear of the car. The built-in automatic programmes ensured ease of operation, and, thanks to their water and dust proof construction, we didn’t have to worry about any cake getting into the lights!”

Although fans may still be waiting for the Back to the Future sequel that never comes, appetites have been – in the meantime, at least – satisfied with this Chauvet-infused DeLorean cake. “The reaction to the DeLorean was overwhelming,” concluded Wilkes. “Thanks to the Chauvet fixtures we really pulled off an impossible task: bringing the DeLorean back to life.”

Image Production Services calls on CHAUVET Professional at House of Blues

Described by Billboard as “trance music’s most influential curator,” Armin van Buuren has taken this branch of electronic music to new heights. The Dutch-born DJ’s “State of Trance” podcast attracts over 25 million listeners a week and is broadcast on 40-plus FM radio stations around the world.

As captivating as these broadcasts are, however, they’re only preludes to the truly transformative trance experience of a van Buuren concert. This was clearly evident in late September at the House of Blues in Boston, where the Grammy-nominated artist served up a mesmerizing mix of music wrapped around an immersive lightshow. At the heart of it all was a towering video wall made of MVP Ta8 Curve SMD LED tiles from CHAUVET Professional.

Image Production Services used 136 MVP Ta8 tiles, which have an 8.33 mm pixel pitch, to create the striking display. The majority of those tiles were used to build a 26’x18’ main wall, while the remainder went into the construction of a 12’x 6’ screen in front of the DJ booth. Mounted on a 40' truss with 4 ½ ton motors, the main wall dominated the venue like some giant digital altar.

“The big wall performed flawlessly,” said Darren Lussier of Image Production Services, which installed the lighting rig for the concert. “Armin van Buuren’s people provided the custom content for the wall. We ran the wall at full brightness because of the intensity of the show. We had an army of moving head beams, washes and lasers to either side of the wall, as well as flying overhead on truss, but the wall had no trouble standing out against them. Whatever we threw at the wall, it was there front and center commanding attention.”

Aside from being bright, the video wall panels had to be fast and versatile. Even by the standards of trance music, Armin van Buuren’s music is wildly free flowing, filled with rollercoaster-like arpeggios, and veering from big sound washes one minute to frenetic synthesized staccatos the next.

The video walls, along with the moving fixtures on the House of Blues rig, were able to keep up with every twist and turn of the music, reflecting its powerful emotional force with saturated colors, breakout patterns, video images and eye-searing strobing. For example, at the start of the show when the music was slow and sultry, the panels showed flowingly evocative images of dancers. Then when the musical tempo suddenly took off, the breakout images on the panels kept pace with a ferocious visual intensity.

Offering a perspective on his chosen musical genre, Armin van Buuren once remarked to the press: “It's more than just music, it's a lifestyle for a lot of people.” Lighting displays as delivered by Image Product Services on that night in Boston are definitely part of that experience.

For more information on Image Production Services visit

Living Large... (and small) - CHAUVET DJ’s LDI 2015 Product Lineup “Sizes” up the market

Gigs come in all sizes, large and small. Different events (or even the same one) call for different types of visual effects. And DJs, entertainers and event producers have varying levels of skill and experience when it comes to operating lighting products.

To sum up, lighting isn’t a “one size fits all” category– and CHAUVET DJ will address this diversity with the wide assortment of new products it will be unveiling at LDI 2015. From a compact laser that weighs barely over half a pound (0.6 lb., 0.3 kg), to a moving head spot whose gargantuan 180-watt LED engine blasts colorful effects over large spaces, the company will be displaying new products to meet a variety of entertainment and event lighting needs. These exciting additions can be seen at CHAUVET DJ’s LDI Booth #439.

“With lighting playing a more central role at events of all types today, it’s important to keep up with the evolving needs of our customers,” said Allan Reiss, Senior Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ. “That’s way you’ll see a wide mix of products at our LDI display – from easy-to-use plug-and-play effects that require no technical experience, to DMX-compatible fixtures that give you the option of programming your own customized lightshows. And from small ‘pocket-sized’ effects to units designed for large events.”

Smallest of the newcomers in stature – but by no means small in impact -- is CHAUVET DJ’s new MIN Laser RG, a compact laser effect that weights a mere 0.6 lb. (0.3 kg) and can fit in the palm of your hand, yet projects thousands of razor-sharp red and green laser beams over a wide 80° coverage area. As simple to use as it is small, the MIN Laser RG is equipped with built-in sound-activated and automated programs that can be easily triggered to generate an eye-popping laser lightshow. It comes with a CHAUVET DJ IRC-6 remote control that allows color and rotation speeds to be set wirelessly, and is variance-free and ready-to-use right out of the box.

Two other compact lasers making their debut at LDI, the EZ Laser RB and EZ Laser RGFX, offer the added convenience of being battery-powered -- and thus the freedom to be taken anywhere. A red/blue and red/green laser respectively, these mini (1.0 lb./0.5 kg) units each draw power from a rechargeable lithium battery that can run up to 6 hours on a single charge, for an evening’s worth of thrilling laser effects – even in places where there are no power outlets! Easy to use, both models are variance-free and include built-in sound-activated and automated programs, as well as an IRC-6 remote controller for setting color and rotation speed wirelessly. For added excitement and customized effects, the two colored lasers on each unit can be controlled independently.

Simplicity is also at the core of an exciting new LED effect light from CHAUVET DJ, the LX-5X. A plug-and-play party/disco light, the LX-5X projects a fun, animated moonflower effect around a room or dance floor. Moving to its own automated and sound-activated programs, the easy-to-use unit is powered by a long-life 6-watt Tri-Color RGB LED rated at 50,000-hours. Low maintenance and light weight (2 lbs. / 1 kg), the LX-5X ideal for mobile entertainers.

At the other end of the effects spectrum is the spectacularly imposing Intimidator Spot 455Z IRC, an extremely bright 180-watt LED moving head spot designed for large events. Not only is its output impressive (up to 38,200 lux @ 2 meters at a 13° beam angle), but this DMX-protocol fixture is also loaded with amazing features and effects, including: dual gobo wheels (total 15 gobos) with the ability to create stunning mid-air projections and popular gobo morphing effects; 7 colors (+white) with split colors and continuous color scrolling; a 3-facet prism; and a Totem mode that ensures its beams always remain on the dance floor. Designed for versatility, the Intimidator Spot 455Z IRC also features a motorized zoom with angles from 13°-28°, making it adaptable for short- or long-throw applications.

The demand for greater versatility was the driving force behind another new addition to CHAUVET DJ’s popular Intimidator Series, the Intimidator Trio. As its name suggests, this innovative fixture produces three lighting looks from one unit: a beam, a wash and an effects light. Its wide-ranging motorized zoom (7°-53° angle) allows it to transform seamlessly from a narrow beam to a wide wash, while a continuously rotating “honeycomb” delivers true special effects excitement. Built-in auto programs make it easy for users to generate complex visual looks that incorporate all of the Intimidator Trio’s features. Additionally, customized lightshows can be created via DMX (15- or 30-channel profile), and the fixture can also be run with CHAUVET DJ’s optional IRC-6 wireless remote (sold separately).

CHAUVET DJ will also be premiering a variety of other must-see products at LDI, including a new addition to its JAM Pack Series of multi-effects lightshow packages. The company invites all LDI attendees to stop by its booth #439 to view these products in action.

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