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DJ tutorials can be found all over the internet, but most of the sources can only show a small part of the actual "DJ thing": DJ Tutor offers a huge collection of DJ Tutorial videos and Community tutorials and also gathers tutorial videos made by friends to provide a one-stop DJ Tutorial platform here on

Being a DJ is much more than just knowing the latest tracks in the charts, it's more than pressing "play" on a computer and it's not about the beautiful girls (OK, that's a nice side effect sometimes).

DJ Tutor offers different levels of DJ Tutorials: Beginners can learn the basics of DJing - techniques as well as details about the electronic items that are needed for DJing nowadays. Intermediate DJs can watch video tutorials on how different mixing techniques can be applied to match the style of the music, how more professional DJ gear can be used etc.. The Advanced DJ Lessons provide details on technical helpers for DJs, show advanced mixing tricks etc. 

Besides that, some tutorial videos also talk about how advertising works for DJs, how price calculation works and how the own skills can be properly presented to potential customers prior to bookings.


Being a DJ is not just about music, it's about giving positive vibes, making people feel good and help them in having a good time - this is not limited to music nowadays, but it also incorporates visual effects: Lighting, Laser and Video are an essential part of any performance. Therefore DJ Tutor also provides DJ Tutorials on how these lighting, video and special effects can easily be operated and support the mood the music delivers.

As the DJ tutorials are very closely linked to different DJ kit used, DJ Tutor decided to also give deeper insight on standard DJ, lighting and laser equipment as well as on the latest industry developments. 


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