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a1partydjsA club and mobile DJ who runs his own DJ Agency in Melbourne, his tutorials and giglogs are packed with invaluable advice and info.

I have been a mobile DJ in Melbourne Australia for about 20 years (and still love it). Recently I have noticed the standards in this profession are dropping. So I have decided to offer my free advise to anyone about anything to do with DJ ing .In the last 20 years I have gained a wealth of knowledge about the industry and people in general. So if you want help just ask, there is no such thing as a stupid question.


beatmixing for dummies counting beats & bars beat structure by DJ John Beck

what you need to know before you start. you never know you just might learn something new

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beatmixing for dummies counting beats & bars beat structure by DJ John Beck Traktor Pro tutorial  cue points  pt 2 by john beck Traktor Pro setting  auto mode cruise control recording mixes in TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO by John Beck

program dmx panel uplighting splitter creating a chase Stanton str8 150  st150 quick look at demo review GIG LOG school graduation party, 21st birthday and a wedding john beck melbourne wedding dj @ grand hyatt

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