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CHAUVET DJ Gig Lab: Behind the Scenes of In Sickness and in Health

Happy Halloween! Watch "In Sickness and in Health" here: and welcome to another terrifying trip to the Gig Lab where we creep behind the scenes of the CHAUVET DJ Halloween 2017 short horror film "In Sickness and in Health". See how it all came together starring a chilling array of CHAUVET DJ fixtures and effects. For more information on all the great CHAUVET DJ Halloween lighting visit: #CHAUVETDJ #Lighting #LightingDesign #Halloween #InSicknessandinHealth #DJLighting #SpecialEffectsLighting Products may vary depending on availability by country

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CHAUVET DJ Gig Lab: Behind the Scenes of In Sickness and in Health CHAUVET DJ Gig Lab - Lighting In the Heights GIG LAB: High-Flying Flag!
GIG LAB: High-Flying Flag!
524 sec.
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CHAUVET DJ Gig Lab – Back to the Basics of DMX

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